Mayans MC Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plot

The popular show, Mayans MC, has set up a pattern for releasing new seasons every September but this year was different. If you’re looking for more information on the third season, keep reading because we’ve got some tea to spill.

Mayans MC is a spinoff series of Sons of Anarchy. Because of the latter’s impressive seasons which ended in 2014, creators have decided that a spinoff may be necessary – to end the Sons of Anarchy and to start anew. Although Mayans MC still has a lot to prove to get on the same level as Sons of Anarchy, the second season wrapped up last November 2019. The show is moving in the right direction as it was renewed for another ten episodes.

Plot of Mayans MC Season 3

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The second season of Mayans MC ended on a very intriguing cliffhanger. We witnessed the Santo Padre charter fall down a few steps only to declare war on the Vatos Malditos MC. A lot are suspecting that this move is a form or retaliation but we have yet to confirm it.

The unexpected attacks pushes the Mayans to seek revenge against all their rivals. Last season, the Mayans also lost Riz who was killed by Vatos Malditos member Taza. Familial connections between the Reyes’ and Galindo’s start rising to the surface. EZ and Angel confronts Potter with a secret leverage as an attempt to save their father.

Mayans MC season 2 ended with a dead SAMCRO member whose identity is yet to be revealed. As of now, we are hanging by a cliff and season 3 should be able to pull us back. History between the Reyes’ and the Galindo’s are paving the way for a nasty confrontation, don’t you think? Hopefully, in the next season, we also get to find out the motive behind Riz’s murder.

We are also well-aware of Adelita having Potter’s baby. Sadly, he isn’t the type of person you would trust to be faithful. We might be seeing more of this front along with the war between the Mayans and Vatos Malditos. Will season 3 be mostly about gang politics?

The Cast of Mayans MC Season 3

Based on how things ended, we’re pretty sure that Riz, played by Antonio Jaramillo, won’t be coming back. However, we think that the cast will be composed of:

  • Carla Baratta as Adelita
  • Michael Irby as Bishop
  • Sarah Blogger as Emily Thomas
  • Clayton Carden as  Angel Reyes
  • Danny Pino as Miguel Galindo
  • Edward James Olmos as Felipe Reyes
  • Raul as Taza
  • Richard Carbel as Coco
  • Emilio Rivera as Alvarez
  • Ray Mckinnon as Potter

So, When Will Be Mayans MC Season 3 Be Released?

There hasn’t been any announcement of when Mayans MC Season 3 will be released but if we were to base it on the show’s pattern, we should have had the new season last September. We blame the pandemic!

Given that there is a pandemic, it’s understandable that the creators postponed filming to keep everyone safe.

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Mayans MC When They Air?

Because we don’t have new episodes of Mayans MC to watch, maybe you can re-watch previous seasons through its streaming platforms! Subscribe to Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and FX Now.

Just in case you’ve forgotten everything that happened last season, here’s the trailer to Mayans MC Season 2 to give you a bit of a refresher.

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