Mom Meets Long-Lost Daughter as the Bride at Son’s Wedding

The moment Helen held her future daughter-in-law’s hand, she knew everything was going to change. The connection and the bond she felt were undeniable, and it doesn’t help that there were familiar markings in Dina’s hand… one Helen knows she would never forget. She can feel that something tied her to Dina, her son’s future wife.

Helen knew there was nothing that could stop her from finding out the truth… even if it was just a few hours before the wedding!

Unexpected events

Helen couldn’t help the excitement she suddenly felt when her son told her he already proposed to his girlfriend. Her son, Rob, always calls every Sunday of the week, and apparently, this Sunday is a lot different than the others. She was finally meeting her future daughter-in-law! 
But, she did not at all expect her own reaction when she saw the girl.

The first meeting

After getting a call from Rob that his wedding already has a date, Helen found herself waiting by the airport to welcome her son and future daughter-in-law. It was thrilling, and all Helen could do was smile the whole time.

The minute she saw the girl, though…

It’s been a while

Rob immediately hugged Helen not a second after they saw each other, as it’s been a while since he had been home. It distracted Helen for quite a while though, as she took in how much her son changed, looking more mature than ever!

Then, it was finally the girl’s turn to meet her.

Familiar face

The minute Helen’s eyes fell upon her son’s fiancee, she thought she had seen the girl before. And she could not deny that her son really chose well, as Dina looked so beautiful! But that’s not what Helen’s attention was drawn into.

Dina’s eyes looked quite familiar, and Helen swore she had seen those unique colors before…

Game changer

Dina hugged Helen as a greeting, having seen each other for the first time. Helen welcomed the hug, pushing back her initial thoughts on Dina’s familiar features. 

When Dina pulled back and held her hand… that was the game changer for Helen.

The hand

“It’s finally great to meet you, Helen! Rob told me so much about you, you really raised a wonderful son,” Dina complimented her, and it honestly won over Helen’s heart.

The girl held her hand in excitement, and when Helen looked down, she could not believe what she was seeing.

A shocking discovery

What she saw in Dina’s hands was something she tried to forget a long time ago, but was never able to. Helen knows she would recognize that mark anywhere. Now that she saw the mark on Dina’s hand, the girl’s familiar features and uniquely-colored eyes suddenly made sense.

She was her long-lost daughter!

Sudden turn of events

Helen might have stared at the mark for quite some time because Rob asked if she was alright. She unconsciously said yes, still trying to grasp the fact that after looking and losing hope for almost two decades and more, her lost daughter suddenly appeared in front of her.

As soon as she answered her son’s question, Helen had a horrifying realization: her son was about to marry his sibling!

Keeping a secret

With how fast things unfolded, Helen knew she had to keep this knowledge a secret for a while. After all, if she becomes impulsive and suddenly reveals her suspicions, it would cause her son’s happiness!

As the wedding was only a day away, Helen knew she only had little time to properly think things through.

Looking for truth

There was only one way to truly find out the truth: talking to Dina’s parents. After finding out that Dina’s parents were already in the area, Helen knew it was only a matter of time before things are laid out in the open.

She just hopes no one will get hurt… especially her children!

Waiting for the inevitable

Samuele Errico Piccarini/Unsplash

The rehearsal dinner was just a few hours away and Helen knew that was the right time she could talk to Dina’s parents. She just has to be patient for a couple more hours for this.

As they drove to the hotel, Helen couldn’t help but feel guilty as her son kept happily telling her stories about him and Dina, and their amazing relationship. Soon, the secret she’s been keeping will cause pain for a lot of them…

Acting suspicious

If Helen was acting suspicious about eagerly meeting her soon-to-be daughter-in-law’s parents, Rob did not show it. Instead, the couple happily guided Helen to where Dina’s parents were sitting at the rehearsal dinner.

When Helen saw them, felt her stomach drop…

The game plan

Helen was greeted with genuine and kind smiles. She let Dina’s parents do most of the talking, wondering when she would be able to talk to them alone. Helen might have to resort to aggressively hinting at Rob and Dina to leave.

After all, with the guests present at the rehearsals, Rob and Dina would have to leave them for a while and entertain them!

Letting them know


After a couple of grueling minutes, the couple finally told their parents they would have to leave them for a few minutes. It was now or never for Helen!

As soon as the couple left, Helen turned to face the couple. When she started talking, Helen watched as their smiles slowly dropped from their faces…

The question

“I know we just met, but we’ll be a family soon. I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t have any reasonable excuse… is Dina adopted?” Helen knew they were thinking about how she was overstepping. In a normal situation, the topic was none of her business, especially for first meetings.

But she had to know a fact that they can only give. Helen did not know whether she truly wanted to hear what they just told her…

The answer

Helen can see how Joanna, Dina’s mother, was growing agitated. She does understand that as a mother, they have tendencies to be overprotective of their children. Helen thought Joanna was about to yell at her… until Brad, Dina’s father, suddenly answered.

Helen felt horror seep through her bones.

Testing the waters

“Yes, Dina’s adopted,” Brad calmly told her. With three words, Helen’s suspicions were confirmed. There’s a close to a hundred percent chance that Dina is the daughter she had been searching for years.

When Helen asked her next question, that’s when Joanna finally snapped at her.


Helen took a deep breath, gathering all the courage she could probably gather at that moment. Then she asked them how and where they adopted Dina.

“With all due respect, we don’t have to answer you, Helen!” Joanna snapped at her, obviously defensive.