The whole story

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After Joanna snapped at her, Helen knew she would have to tell them the whole story, or else they would all cause a scene and ruin their children’s happy night.

But before telling them why she’s asking all these things about Dina, the words that came out of her mouth almost gave the couple in front of her a heart attack.

The revelation

“I have reason to believe Dina is my daughter,” Helen said straight to the point. She sees no point prolonging the inevitable, especially when matters are time sensitive!

Helen waited for either Brad or Joanna to react, but they were just staring at her in pure horror!

Waiting for reaction

Helen did not know how to continue, as she’s afraid the couple are going to cause a scene. That would mean that their children would find out about her suspicions, and it will definitely cause a devastating effect on her kids!

So, she waited for their reaction. But she did not expect…


“You’re going crazy,” Joanna suddenly told her. Helen was so surprised about Joanna’s words, as she did not expect that that would be the woman’s initial reaction.

Brad was just quiet, still taking in the news, while his wife seethed in anger.

Start of the story

Despite the conflict. Helen took it as her cue to further explain the situation. She knew how absurd the whole setup was. Their children – who could possibly be siblings – are about to marry each other!

“When Dina was about three years old, we went on a trip in Ohio…” Helen was suddenly cut off, but by someone she least expected.

Plot twist

“Dina can’t be your daughter!” Brad suddenly exclaimed. Despite Helen’s surprise that the once calm man was now enraged, she was a bit thankful that the man did not shout, or else everyone’s attention would be on their table.

She still needs them to know the story!


“You say that but… let me ask you, where did you find Dina?” Helen’s instinct was so strong and she was ready to risk a lot just to find out the truth. For years, she grieved her lost daughter, and she’s closer to finding her than she ever did.

The couple looked at each other, silently communicating. Helen did not know what to feel when they turned to her.


They were quiet for a while, and Helen thought she wasn’t getting any more answers from the couple. She was honestly on edge, feeling nervous, as she did not know how everything would play out. She really needed Joanna and Brad on her side!

And then Helen’s heart finally leaped in hope with what happened next.

Their side of the story

“We found her alone by the streets… crying. We did help her try to look for her parents but when we faced dead end after dead end, we decided to take her in.” Helen’s heart was racing at Joanna’s words. She can see how the couple was trying to avoid something…

She waited for either Joanna or Brad to continue, but they seemed like they’re struggling so hard to even form words.

One question

After trying to be patient for quite some time, Helen finally gave in and asked the one question she knew would confirm everything for her.

“Where?” Helen asked. Even though she was prepared for everything, their answer still caught her off-guard.

Coming together

Helen saw the hesitancy from a mile away. But still, she knew they would eventually tell her. Finally, Brad sighed, giving in, and looked Helen straight in the eye.

“Ohio.” Even though Helen was anticipating the place, she still gasped in surprise. It was the confirmation she needed, Dina was really her long-lost daughter!


“She’s my daughter!” Helen exclaimed softly, still mindful of not getting any attention on them. Joanna and Brad looked at her as if she was going crazy.

Maybe so, for them, because after all, this is the first time they saw each other. How could they trust Helen so quickly, especially with what she’s telling them about their daughter?

Expected reaction

“You couldn’t have gotten it from that!” Joanna said accusingly, airing her distrust of Helen. Helen nodded, showing how she understood where the couple was coming from. It was also a way for them to not think of her as the evil one here.

Helen knows that what she’s about to tell them will make them believe her, once and for all.


After being quiet for a couple of seconds, Helen finally continued her story to the couple.

“The daughter I lost in Ohio, she had a birthmark at the back of her right hand. It’s shaped like a heart,” Helen said softly and slowly, obviously knowing how her revelation would affect the couple. And what she expected was right.

More disbelief

“That can’t be true,” Joanna told Helen, still in disbelief. Helen frowned. She did expect she would be met with disbelief, but she didn’t expect it would be this hard for them to accept the truth. 

“I’m a hundred percent sure you’re saying that because you saw our daughter’s birthmark!” Brad accused. Helen was close to panicking, running out of things to say to make them believe…

Getting closer

Helen nervously eyed her son and his soon-to-be-wife, who was going from table to table to accommodate the guests. They were getting nearer to their table again and Helen knew she was running out of time!

She had to make Brad and Joanna believe her immediately or else…


“I am not saying this because I want to take Dina away from you… but if there ever is the slightest possibility she’s biologically my daughter… She's getting married to my son!” Helen rushed out, just in time for Dina and Rob to reach their table.

She took in Joanna and Brad’s petrified faces, fully realizing Helen’s point.

The situation

The parents all realized that they had to pretend to be getting along, so as to not ruin their children’s night immediately. They still had time to sort things out – there were still a couple of hours left before the wedding.

But, they knew they had to move quickly!


“Are you all having fun catching up?” Dina asked the parents upon reaching the table. Helen immediately smiled at the two, having seen them coming already. She nudged Joanna, who was closest to her, to get them out of their trance.

“Yes! We’re doing absolutely fine!” Joanna said a little too high. Helen hoped their children did not notice that they were all acting so odd…


“We saw you’re all talking a bit too seriously a while ago… everything’s going well, right?” Helen forgot that her son always made it a point to look out for her, so naturally, he would have noticed when things were a bit unusual…

She felt her son’s hand rest on her shoulder, and she knew she couldn’t hide the truth.


Helen was about to spill the beans to their children. She did not know that Joanna and Brad saw the telltale signs on her face. So before she could even speak, Brad suddenly spoke:

“We’re just having a debate on what the perfect names for your kids would be!” Brad exclaimed. But, upon seeing Rob’s face, she knew her son wasn’t going to drop the topic anytime soon…