Animals Who Can Sleep Just About Anywhere

Who doesn’t love seeing a pet passed out and blissfully snoring away? Animal photography is one thing, and photos of them sleeping in adorably awkward and sometimes uncomfortable positions are another.

From resting rabbits to snoozing sea otters, here are a few cute critters who fell asleep in some strange and silly ways.

Weighing scale’s a bit too comfortable


Dogs have a lot of reactions when going to the Vet Clinic – some get scared and others, excited. But, for this puppy, the clinic seems to be a bit… boring for him.

Boring enough to sleep while being weighed!

Cats and their favorite dangerous spots


There’s one thing everyone can agree on: cats can be a bit too extreme at times. While they’re known for their passive-aggressive reactions, they’re also quite adventurous when it comes to their sleeping places.

Typical for animals that like high places, this cat enjoys the comfort of a laundry rack, one where his body gets squeezed in certain places!

Shockingly amazing

The Independent/Google

Bears are commonly found in places where there are trees, basically, places with a lot of greens. One would not expect that upon looking up at the top of a telephone pole, there would be a bear lying down on one of the bars.

To make matters interesting, this bear seems to love the spot so much, enough to take a quick nap on it!

How did he get there?!

Sunny Skyz/Google

The King of the Jungle might have took an over time hunting, leading to the most comfortable sleep for him! There are a lot of interesting points in the image, as it defies all the realm of possibility out there. But, most can agree that it’s a wonder how the lion reached the branch!

The most peaceful position


Rabbits usually sleep with their feet tucked in other them. But this rabbit is all about zen and peace, lying on its back, and just having a good ol’ sleep. Can’t deny that this baby bunny looks like its having a great dream!

Stretching those neck muscles

The Mirror/Google

This is an honorary special mention for giraffes because, yes, they normally sleep like this. It may seemingly not look like the most comfortable position out there, but flexing their neck might be a must for… well, creatures with long necks.

When exhaustion gets to you…


Sleep was so good for this dog, it doesn’t matter whether his nose is squeezed to the ground! He must have taken too much time chasing sticks and balls that one minute to lying down on the couch, sleep immediately sucked him back.

Too much TV!


Watching TV can be a pain in the eyes too and this bird is a proof of that! Apparently, sleeping on the remote control of the TV is one of the most sleepy spots in house. Maybe add in some white noise too, to seal the deal?

Cozy mug


First glance? coffee with milk. Second glance? An adorable baby squirrel getting the most comfortable nap inside the mug. There must be something about tight and small spaces that lulls them to sleep!

Hanging bed…


Sloths are famous for their painfully slow movements. They’re fun to watch, though, as they have the most expressive reactions out there.

Watching them sleep… well, they just keep proving how interesting they could be! We can only just wonder how hanging by a tree is the most comfortable way to sleep in the forest.

Flair for the dramatic

Godly Creature/Google

As such, cats and their characters are just one of the unsolved mysteries in the world. Take for example this sleeping cat in the middle of a grocery aisle. It’s not enough that he’s asleep, he just have to have the weirdest position out there, all rolled up!

Anywhere is a great sleeping place


Out of all the spots in a parking lot, a car’s roof is the fox’s choice for the best sleeping spot. The most comfortable and possibly… peaceful? This just proves how any spot in the world is great for sleeping. You just have to put your heart into it!

What over-reading does to you…

The Book Ferret/Tumblr

While reading can be quite enjoyable, this ferret is just a reminder that too much can be quite tiresome. This is quite a moment most avid readers are familiar with: accidentally sleeping while reading!

This is the life!


For this seal, the natural waters might have lost their cool. Staying in the sea and sleeping through the waves just doesn’t do the trick anymore. His sleeping place must be a yacht, and not just in the yacht, it had to be the most comfortable spot!

Perks of the job


It’s the sheepdog’s turn to rest! Herding can be too tiresome, running around and making sure the flock doesn’t get lost.

Sometimes, the job does have its perks. Like, getting to sleep in the most natural wool. That must have been some good sleep he got there.

The heat must be up a notch


How tired are you? Just about this squirrel-tired. The heat must have been a bit too much in this area, as the squirrel took a seemingly deep sleep right on top of a bowl of ice. That must have felt like heaven for him!

Sleeping on mama

Grace Williams/Pinterest

Nothing beats sleeping on your mom’s chest as the best sleeping spot in the world. This baby otter just proved it! As the mother otter floated through the waters, the movement must have lulled the baby otter to sleep, as that is undeniably one of the most heaven-like spots in the world.

The very image of deep sleep

Meme Arsenal/Google

How good can a sleep be that this raccoon just had to had his tongue out? What’s even more interesting in this photo is how he is all bundled up with clothes and pillow. Without a doubt, these all makes up for a cozy feel, achieving that deep sleep for a satisfying complete rest.

Counts as workout… right?


We can just wonder how this hamster got caught in between the cage’s fence and its running wheel. This might be a pretty cozy spot – being trapped in between two objects. But surely, just being near the running wheel doesn’t count as a workout!