Mom Meets Long-Lost Daughter as the Bride at Son’s Wedding

The moment Helen held her future daughter-in-law’s hand, she knew everything was going to change. The connection and the bond she felt were undeniable, and it doesn’t help that there were familiar markings in Dina’s hand… one Helen knows she would never forget. She can feel that something tied her to Dina, her son’s future … Read more

The Rise of Olivia Dunn: From LSU Gymnastics to Social Media Stardom

The Rise of Olivia Dunn: From LSU Gymnastics to Social Media StardomOlivia Dunn is one of the most talked-about gymnasts in college athletics. She is a rising star in the world of collegiate gymnastics and a social media influencer who has amassed over one million followers on Instagram. The Louisiana State University student-athlete has seen … Read more

20 Fascinating Facts About Redheads

Rare and vibrant, throughout history we’ve always had a certain fascination with red hair. Natural redheads are hard to come by, and many men and women dye their hair to achieve those elusive shades ranging from strawberry blonde to auburn. Several curiosities surround redheads, from their treatment throughout the ages to their redhead-specific health issues. … Read more

Animals Who Can Sleep Just About Anywhere

Who doesn’t love seeing a pet passed out and blissfully snoring away? Animal photography is one thing, and photos of them sleeping in adorably awkward and sometimes uncomfortable positions are another. From resting rabbits to snoozing sea otters, here are a few cute critters who fell asleep in some strange and silly ways. Weighing scale’s … Read more

From Childhood Crush to Hollywood Hearthrob

You know you watched certain shows (cough…sitcoms) just because you wanted to catch a glimpse of someone you were crushing on. Today, many of these crush-worthy celebs have ongoing careers in the entertainment industry, while others lead quiet lives out of the spotlight. In case you wondered where they ended up, here’s a look at … Read more

Athletes That Excelled On the Silver Screen

Acting and sports are two different worlds that might seem to have little in common. But some of the biggest names in the sporting world have proven that you don’t need experience on the big screen to act like a big star on screen! While some athletes have only dipped their toes into Hollywood, others … Read more