Saved By The Bell Star Elizabeth Berkeley Shares Snap With Co-Stars Ahead Of Reboot Premiere

The Saved By The Bell reboot is only a couple of days away from its premiere. A direct sequel to the original hit sitcom from 1989-2003, the drama will feature cast members returning for the series. Before its highly anticipated release, Elizabeth Berkley lets us take a glimpse of her character along with her co-stars.

The actress took to Instagram and posted a photo of herself with co-actors Mario Lopez, Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. In what seemed to be an 80s themed band, they channeled hippy outfits alongside a keytar and guitars as props.

“Just to bring you a little JOY in the midst of this crazy moment… When we said “friends forever,” we meant it!!” her caption reads. 

Berkley will reprise her role of Jessie Spano who can be seen standing by her old Bayside High School gang. She sports a blue leather jacket and matching minidress, with a guitar strapped over her shoulder. 

The other three stars in the photo look equally flashy in their sequined ensembles that resemble an early fashion statement. Lopez clad in a silver-sequin coat over his bare chest, centers the image while holding a keytar. On the other hand, Theissen donns a pink leather jacket while Gosselaar sports a turquoise and black sequin shirt. He’s also seen carrying a guitar in his hands.

What will Saved By The Bell series be all about?

The revival series will center around a new group of Bayside High students from privileged and working-class families. Among those who come from the latter were students transferred to the school by now-California Governor Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar). He now has a son with wife Kelly (Tiffani Thiessen) named Mac (Mitchell Hoog), who also goes to the same school.

Gosselaar will reportedly appear in three episodes, while Theissen will guest only in one. As to the exact episode/s on which they will be seen, we are still unaware as of the moment. Meanwhile, Berkley and Lopez’s A.C. Slater are said to have regular roles in the reboot series.  

Other past cast members including Lark Voorhies and Ed Alonzo will have guest roles as Lisa Turtle and Max, respectively.

Berkley, Lopez, Gosselaar, and Theissen are reportedly producing the show along with Universal Television, a division of Universal Studio Group. 

Saved By The Bell premieres on November 25, 2020 on Peacock.

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