Marvel TV’s WandaVision Possibly Premiering Late On Disney+ Latin America

It has been a long drought season for all Marvel Cinematic Universe fans. Ever since the coronavirus outbreak, filming and release dates for various Marvel Studios movies and series were delayed. Black Widow and Eternals won’t be shown until 2021, and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is also pushed back.

WandaVision, the Disney+ series starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany seems to be Disney’s 2020 redemption apart from The Mandalorian. Fans are anticipating its arrival in December, but could they be affected by the changes on release dates too?

According to a screenshot of a chat conversation with Disney+ customer support in Latin America, WandaVision is delayed to January.

The captioned image posted in social media via Twitter user @cinemAddikt roughly translates:


Today I contacted Disney+ customer service about the content and they said the following:

– We will have all 31 seasons of The Simpsons on November 17

– WandaVision will premiere in JANUARY

– We will have Avatar and The Rebel Novice.”

Twitter | @cinemAddikt

However, it is possible that this delay could only be regional. The upcoming Marvel series could still hit the streaming service on its December release date, as previously announced. While there is no official announcement or confirmation from Marvel or Disney yet, we cannot be certain about it.

When is WandaVision’s release date?

On November 12, Disney officially confirmed that WandaVision will premiere on January 15, 2021 through a video announcement on Instagram.

With the final premiere date being pushed back to next year, fans can’t help but feel upset about the announcement. By this time, everyone has waited long enough for new MCU content. It is pretty much understandable if they would feel a little disappointed about it.

In addition to shows with deferred releases, The Mandalorian Season 2 was also reportedly delayed in Spain and other parts of the globe.

On the other hand, series star Kat Dennings recently spoke about Disney+ wanting WandaVision released by the end of 2020. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the actress said, “as far as I know, they’re gonna still try to get it out this year.”

While this did not certainly happen for WandaVision, the series is still worth the wait. Why did we say so? Watch its amusing trailer revealed by Disney last September 2020 below.

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