Shooter Season 4 Release Date, Cast & Plot

It’s a sad news for all Shooter fans because this Ryan Philippe series seemed to have been cancelled!

There is no need to fret since there is still hope. With the great reviews Shooter has received for the past few seasons, the possibility of having another network pick up the show’s rights is looking great.

Let us tell you what we know about the Shooter Season 4.

Shooter is an action-thriller series that airs on the USA Network. Its first episode aired on November 2016. The show is based on a Stephen Hunter novel entitled “Point of Impact”, there is also a movie inspired by the same book that stars Mark Wahlberg that has the same name.

Plot of Shooter Season 4

Since Shooter’s third season hasn’t finished airing yet (especially in the UK), we see a lot of potential storylines to explore for the show’s fourth season. However, it all depends on a few things:

  • How the finale is going to go
  • If USA Network will decide to renew the series
  • Since Netflix already has a part of the rights, if they pick it up and produce the show themselves

One thing is for sure, we will continue to follow Phillippe’s life living as an expert marksman in exile and how he will be attempting to kill the president.

The Cast of Shooter Season 4

If we get lucky and Shooter gets renewed for a fourth season, we could be seeing Ryan Philippe’s return as marine and sniper Bob Lee Swagger. Along with that, we could also be seeing Mrs. Julie Swagger who is played by Shantel VanSanten.

Other cast members are:

  • Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Nadine Memphis
  • Eddie McClintock as Jack Payne
  • Omar Epps as Isaac Johnson
  • Josh Stewart as Solotov

So, When Will Be Shooter Season 4 Be Released?

As of now, we do not have any news if the show has been renewed, picked up by another network, or whatnot.

There are also factors that may or may not be helping the renewal of Shooter such as the ongoing pandemic, the cast’s schedules, and many more. Let us hope for the best!

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Shooter When They Air?

As much as we would love to tell you where you can watch new episodes of Shooter, there aren’t any to watch. You can watch previous episodes on streaming platforms like USA Network, Netflix (if you are in the UK), and Amazon Prime Video.

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