The Office Reboot Isn’t In The Works But Possible In The Future Says Showrunner

The Office might possibly return for a reboot although one isn’t currently in development, says showrunner Greg Daniels. The NBC series originally aired from 2005 to 2013 before Netflix acquired its streaming rights, paving the way for its heightened popularity. More recently, streaming service Peacock acquired its broadcast rights, potentially setting the stage for a much-awaited reboot or spinoff. This, of course, delighted many fans, renewing their hopes of seeing their favorite characters reunited on screen.

Actors John Krasinski and Rainn Wilson who plays prankster Jim Halpert and overachieving salesman Dwight Schrute respectively, have both expressed interest in returning for the said reboot. However, The Office star Steve Carell seemed reluctant and thinks a revival is a bad idea. He believes that no matter how hard the cast and crew tries, it’ll never be the same as the original. Carell actually left the show in season 7, and many fans agree that the show’s spark left with him.

The Office

Despite the cast’s varying opinions of the reboot, showrunner Daniels is closing no doors. According to Collider, Daniels said that although an Office reboot is currently not in development, one could be possible in the future. “No, but it’s not impossible. It’s not impossible for sure,” he said.

On the other hand, should a reboot really happen, Daniels also said he would want to be involved. “I would want to be involved, and I’ve got two other shows I’m working on right now.” This means that eager Office fans may have to wait as he’s currently busy working on two other shows (the Amazon dark sci-fi comedy Upload and the Netflix workplace comedy Space Force).

The Office Reboot: Will it really happen?

With Daniels wanting to be involved in any potential Office reboots, fans can be assured that the revival has a best shot at recapturing the original’s charms. Sadly, Carell’s concerns about an Office revival also have merit. There have been cases of unjustified reboots that failed in its attempt to relive the show’s glory days. Hence, an Office reboot is potentially risky because it could damage something that is already so beloved.

Still, there are plenty of successful reboots too like Fuller House, Twin Peaks: The Return, and Gilmore Girls to name a few. These spells hope that a reboot could also elevate the original series, especially if it’s made by the same team. So hopefully, Daniels and the rest of the cast can convince Carell to get on board. Because after all, The Office reboot without Carell’s Michael Scott wouldn’t be as authentic and successful as it can be with him in it.

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