The Office Officially Leaves Netflix By The End Of 2020

Heads up, The Office fans! You’ve got a little over one month before the classic comedy show officially leaves Netflix. So, stream it now while you can!

Netflix is officially losing The Office at the end of 2020. While the hit sitcom originally aired on NBC from 2005 to 2013, it has found a second life through streaming. Much to everyone’s surprise, the show gained an even bigger following more than it had after the series finale. This success can be attributed to Netflix, where The Office became one of the staples for the streamer’s library.


NBC previously granted exclusive streaming rights of the show to Netflix. However, the former company launched Peacock, their very own streaming platform in early 2020. Once the service was confirmed, reports shortly surfaced that The Office would leave Netflix and stream exclusively to NBC’s service instead.

Following the reports of migration, Netflix officially confirmed that the series is leaving on December 31, 2020. Starting January 1, 2021, Peacock will be the only streaming service to have all nine seasons of The Office domestically. News revealed that NBCUniversal acquired the rights for the next five years by paying Producers Universal Television $100 million per year.

What happens to Netflix after The Office’s departure?

Now that Netflix has confirmed The Office’s departure by 2021, there will surely be an impact to the streaming giant. A poll from 2019 revealed shocking results about Netflix’s subscriber count once they lose The Office along with Friends and Disney. Nearly half of the participants between 18-29 years old said they’ll unsubscribe if these shows will be out of Netflix library.

At the start of 2020, Friends already left to join HBO Max. The same goes for Disney movies and shows which are all on Disney+ by now. In such a case, Netflix’s original content will be crucial in order to sustain success in the future.

While the impact of The Office’s departure from Netflix remains to be seen, it could be a boost for Peacock. NBC’s streaming service recently reported 22 million subscribers combined between their various free and paid tiers. Now that the series is coming in 2021, Peacock should do everything to keep the demand to re-watch it high. If they succeed, chances are they will get a major shot in the arm to increase subscribers next year.

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