Search Party Season 4 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Search Party is a series that revolves mainly on the life of a woman named Dory Sief. What happens to the story when Dory goes missing?

HBO Max is making their finishing touches for Search Party’s fourth season. The comedy series who was originally on TBS will be coming back soon but this time on HBO Max’s turf.

What will happen in Search Party Season 4?

In the upcoming season, Dory (played by Alia Shawkat) is held prisoner by her psychotic stalker Chip (played by Cole Escola). He is determined to convince Dory that they are best friends.

While all this is happening, Portia (played by Meredith Hagner) is filming a movie about the trial. She is one of the leads but she is not playing herself.

Elliott (played by John Early) has left the party and became a far-right conservative talk show host.

Drew (played by John Reynolds) has been making attempts to escape his dark past by working in a theme park as a costumed character.

As the group figures out and connects all the dots that Dory isn’t touring in Europe – as her social media posts suggest – they are left with a decision to make. Do they put their pasts behind them and search for Dory or do they continue on with their lives?

The Case of Search Party Season 4
  • Dory (Alia Shawkat)
  • Chip (Cole Escola)
  • Portia (Meredith Hagner)
  • Elliott (John Early)
  • Drew (John Reynolds)

There will be guest stars this season including Susan Sarandon, Busy Philipps, Ann Dowd, Griffin Dunne, and Lillias White.

So, When Will Search Party Season 4 Be Released?

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Search Party Season 4 will be premiering on HBO Max this coming January 14th with three episodes. After the 14th, three more episodes will be released on January 21st and the four final episodes on January 28th.

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Search Party When They Air?

You can watch the latest Search Party episodes on HBO Max.

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