Stranger Things Season 4: Producer Claims Delayed Filming Made The Series Even Better

The Covid-19 pandemic may be disastrous for many reasons, but it has obviously not just flaws. Netflix’s Stranger Things was already in its production stage for the fourth series when it shut down in March. The show was initially set to return early 2021, but because of the delay that might no longer become feasible. However, Producer Shawn Levy thinks the show’s filming delay could have actually made it even better than before.

Stranger Things production remained halted for months only to resume again recently. As a result, fans will likely have to wait much later in 2021 to binge-watch the upcoming season. Nonetheless, there might also be a positive aspect to Stranger Things’ delay. Levy, who serves as an executive producer and occasional director on the series, spoke recently about the show’s progress.

“I’ll just say the pandemic definitely massively delayed shooting and therefore the launch of our current Season 4, date still TBD,” Levy said.

For its writing process though, the months-long delay proved to be very beneficial.

Levy explained, “But it impacted very positively by allowing the Duffer brothers, for the first time ever, to write the entire season before we shoot it and to have time to rewrite in a way that they rarely had before so the quality of these screenplays are exceptional, maybe better than ever.”

Back in June, the series writers revealed all the scripts for season 4 had been completed.

This came obviously well ahead of the filming resumption. In other words, the writers had ample time to polish the story and hopefully made it even more powerful. This is certainly good news and will likely raise fans’ expectations even higher.

What will Stranger Things Season 4 be all about?

Series four teaser released last Valentine’s day left fans with the revelation that Jim Hopper (David Harbour) is actually alive. He is currently held hostage in a Russian prison. As to how he got there and how he would get out of it remains to be seen. 

In addition, season 3 finale saw the departure of Joyce (Winona Ryder) and Will (Noah Schnapp) together with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown) away from Hawkins. Viewers then can look forward the most to their gang reunions when the show returns.

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