Queen Of The South Season 5: Showrunner Teases On Teresa And James’ Romantic Reunion

Queen of the South season 4 finale saw fan-favorite James Valdez’s (Peter Gadiot) unexpected return in the series. Since then, fans have been wondering if Teresa’s ex-boyfriend stays as part of the main cast when the series resumes. Showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez finally ends speculations in a recent social media post.

At the end of the third season, James parted ways with Teresa (Alice Braga) to work with the DEA. This is in line to his commitment to keep her out of prison. Hence, he was absent for the most part of season 4. But come finale, James made a shocking return, shot and bleeding out before Teresa’s eyes.

Unfortunately, serious delays due to the pandemic meant the fifth season won’t likely be ready until next year. During the extensive wait, fans had plenty of time to think about the latest twists. As the hiatus continues, viewers persistently press Rodriguez for answers regarding James’ return to the series.

In a Twitter post, Rodriguez addressed rumors about James’ return and possibility of being killed off beginning season five.

She wrote, “I know it’s the election & everybody’s laser focused on it, but I feel like a lot of #QueenoftheSouth fans only care about one thing…. YES, JAMES IS IN S5.”

Furthermore, she also dispelled speculations about the beloved character’s death come next season. “U think we’d have him in the S4 finale just to kill him off? Do u think we are barbarians?” she added. 

Her answers delighted fans, many of whom are thrilled to see Teresa and James rekindle their romance in season 5.

What will Queen of the South Season 5 be all about?

Teresa tried to move on with Eddie Brucks (Bailey Chase) during season 4, but their romance was on the rocks. Once she finds out that James worked for DEA to protect her, Teresa will likely protect him at all cost. Whether they rekindle their romance remains to be seen.

Alice Braga has kept her lips tightly sealed about Queen of the South season 5’s plot. However, when asked whether Teresa would be interested in another relationship, the actress gave a fair answer.

“It’s hard, I mean it’s a very lonely life,” Braga commented. “I think throughout the seasons we learn with Guero, with James that it’s not a business where you can have a relationship. We’ve seen what happened with Tony, so let’s see. I think she will still try, but I don’t know.”

Spilling details about his character, Gadiot promised a backstory on James’ previous whereabouts and how working for DEA affected him.

“I think it’s a great opportunity going into his return to discover and explore where he was and why he was doing what he was doing,” the actor teased. “It’s more a window into his soul, I guess, and his journey. I think next season is going to be fascinating to uncover the reasons he was away.”

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