Elven Name Generator

Naming an MMORPG character or board game character might seem to be an easy task, but in reality, it’s not. There are many things that must be considered before putting first and last names. 

You are dealing with a fantasy world, and the character you are playing must have a perfect name suiting its race and environment.

One of the most common role-playing characters in the gaming universe is the Elf. 

If you are someone who plays Dnd, Lord of the Rings, Artemis Fowl, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, and such games, you are likely to know about elven names. Whatever elven name you decide to pick, it has to complement the philosophies and demeanor of the race. 

This is where our elven name generator can help you pick the suitable elf character names to match the gameplay and world they are in.    

What Are Elves?

An elf is an anthropomorphic supernatural being in Germanic folklore and mythology, known to have magical powers that can be used to help and harm people. They are also known as elven, and they share contrasting beliefs from everyday humans. 

There are many variations of elves, but they all share similar characteristics like tall and slender body structure, beauty, magical powers, pointy ears, ambivalent nature, and so on. 

Elven in Gaming World

For a long time, elves have been part of the gaming world. From online games to board games, you are likely to see elven names here and there. Elves started getting popular after Tolkien’s works were introduced. Amongst the fantasy races, JRR Tolkien’s elves are known to be more famous. 

Since the books of Tolkien came out, there have been many games directly based on his imaginary characters. Games like Lord of the rings, Warhammer, the god of war, and many notable online and board games. 

Why Use our Elf Name Generator?

Like all name character name generators, an elf name generator makes use of different combinations of prefixes and suffixes to generate fun and wise elvish names suiting both males and females. You can also extract gender-neutral names on some web pages. 

Some Good Elf Names

Most elven names are melodic and have flowing pronunciation to them. Elves have many different variations in terms of features, but the name traits are most common in all types. For example, let us pitch 15 random tags for male, female and neutral ones.

Male Names

  • Kiirion Bltris
  • Adresin Omaric
  • Alluin Zintris
  • Kymil Norro
  • Laiex Aerieth
  • Tasar Pahorn
  • Filverel Leorie
  • Rhys Valgwyn
  • Conall Yasnan
  • Elorshin Ronan
  • Vulmon Inaran
  • Mirthal Zumwraek
  • Elion Sarnorin
  • Folen Holacyne
  • Yesanith Sarmaris
15 Male Elf Names

Female Names

  • Faraine Gilwarin
  • Namys Eilhorn
  • Tanelia Sarna
  • Siora Beican
  • Amarille Morhice
  • Lethhonel Torthana
  • Delimira Grelee
  • Elanil Zinfir
  • Yaereene Trasys
  • Liluth Trisra
  • Viessa Qinxina
  • Ellarian Quilen
  • Lierin Morrona
  • Anhaern Morbella
  • Syvis Ertoris
15 Female  Elf Names

Neutral Names

  • Ashryn Cragolor
  • Elion Daqen
  • Aneirin Ianroris
  • Aelrindel Qimys
  • Khyrmin Caitumal
  • Sylmare Hercaryn
  • Emmyth Cairo
  • Ruvyn Vahice
  • Sinaht Wyngolor
  • Lyari Glynlen
  • Vulen Mianan
  • Eroan Wynvaris
  • Wirenth Shacyne
  • Alanis Heithyra
  • Nasir Aravalur

Wood Elf Names

These elves come from the Warhammer universe and have an isolating nature who loves to live by the presence of nature. They are also very protective of their surroundings. Below are some wood elf names for you:

Male Names

  • Trakocon
  • Varon
  • Zaalku
  • Katrostan
  • Zodarloc
  • Aloros
  • Dhozcuthat
  • Thaccic
  • Akath
  • Kholon
  • Dhacika
  • Iariac
  • Viado
  • Ulgarcu
  • Kiasriosron

Female Names

  • Vaccelnaeh
  • Seddirre
  • Iervytras
  • Elmy
  • Phethi
  • Ierlin
  • Drashieh
  • Vevarvif
  • Drelcelce
  • Madrishe
  • Vechere
  • Yerviddyh
  • Felthien
  • Alsif
  • Anrath
  • Qecanan

Sindarin (LOTR) Names

Unlike random elf tags, the Sindarin names are very complicated, and a lot of Sindarin language terms go on to generate combinations of names. These names are created by joining a suffix to nouns, verbs, or adjectives. The suffix will change, relying on the last character of the previous word. 

Male Names

  • Trevadron

(Trevad (To Traverse) + ron (Male))

  • Baralindir

(Baralin (Fiery Gleam in the Eyes) + dir (Man))

  • Gostion

(Gosta (To Fear) + ion (Son of))

  • Cairchanar

(Cair (Ship) + hanar (Brother))

  • Echuichon

(Echui (Awakening) + hawn (Brother))

  • Leithon

(Leitha (To Set Free) + on (Male))

  • Harmen

(Harn (Helmet) + benn (Husband))

  • Sîdhon

(Sîdh (Peace) + hawn (Brother))

  • Gadir

(Gad (To Catch) + dir (Male))

  • Pe-phennasson

(Pe-phennas (No Past) + on (Male))

Female Names

  • Laerornien

(Laerorn (Tree Song) + ien (Daughter of))

  • Hadriel

(Had (To Hurl/Throw/Sling) + iell (Daughter of))

  • Laerornien

(Laerorn (Tree Song) + ien (Daughter of))

  • Maethrien

(Maetha (To Fight) + ien (Daughter of))

  • Pethel

(Peth (Word) + el (Female))

  • Rîngwen

(Rîn (Remembrance) + gwend (Maiden))

  • Nastriel

(Nasta (To Prick/Thrust) + iell (Daughter of))

  • Landis

(Lant (Fall) + dîs (Bride))

  • Feirrien

(Feira (To Suffice) + ien (Daughter of))

  • Nîngwen

(Nîn (Watery) + gwend (Maiden))

Neutral Names

  • Gowest

(Gowest (Contract/Treaty) + ())

  • Gostor

(Gosta (To Fear) + or (Person))

  • Gowest

(Gowest (Contract/Treaty) + ())

  • Thar

(Tharn (Stiff/Rigid/Withered) + ())

  • Golf

(Golf (Branch) + ())

  • Mador

(Mad (To Eat) + or (Person))

  • Togor

(Tog (To Lead/Bring) + or (Person))

  • Loe

(Loen (Soaking Wet/Swamped) + ())

  • Garthben

(Garth (Fortress) + pen (Person))

  • Calemben

(Calen (Green) + pen (Person))

Altmar Elf Names

The Altmar is also regarded as a high elf; therefore, their names can also be-fit other high elves from different games. Let’s check some highelves’ names for the Elder Scrolls game.

Male Names

  • Murdur Lorelock
  • Linwdurcar Charmire
  • Cironolemar Korthius
  • Mossle Loraethoth
  • Faniedil Camuseus
  • Ravarintil Spellosin
  • Uluelerinde Tahromlock
  • Tyeronriel Khraemoth
  • Aranelmoellith Aelsinaine
  • Tragturrmaillin Silinour
  • Noriarion Spelleus

Female Names

  • Ravecarya Lareththius
  • Camonirya Camahl
  • Arissare Chaethar
  • Hestelle Larethahl
  • Termaire Khraemius
  • Helemanwe Loraethor
  • Taarnae Elsinonin
  • Elenenoore Thraman
  • Cindie Thrambinder
  • Fairyeminwe Gaethonin

LOTR Online Elf Names

If you are looking for a website for Lord of the rings online version elf names, this generator can help you pick the best Sindarin elvish name suitable for middle earth. These generated names can also fit into a game like humans of Gondor.

Male Names

  • Nevak
  • Agearelar
  • Ergilarro
  • Hatenaeril
  • Gaeiodluin
  • Anfik
  • Onveurae
  • Orrenthorn
  • Nelanas
  • Alrorim

Female Names

  • Mereas
  • Soriendra
  • Enirissa
  • Ulin
  • Eaelos
  • Gweegan
  • Mnuaianna
  • Moruil
  • Nimoaethra
  • Kasodra

Blood Elf Names

These elves have overcome a massive invasion and thus showcase it in their name to highlight their hardship and endurance. 

Male Names

  • Alhen Lightbell
  • Mattheas Leafblade
  • Belsel Ancientgift
  • Cothos Colddown
  • Farthol Lightfaith
  • Arthas Downstrider
  • Duus Peacebirth
  • Noraris Leanwing
  • Amorstus Embershield
  • Elran Soulswitch

Female Names

  • Zaralis Bronzefeather
  • Aleire Highseeker
  • Amidine Brasswing
  • Tannel Oddpoem
  • Syleane Lightpost
  • Sedinth Arcanemourn
  • Zyawe Grandreaver
  • Sytasia Glarewood
  • Garrisara Eversprinter
  • Lariarianna Sparkwood

Eladrin Names

The Eladrin are a race in DnD known to be masters of magic and also possess the art of swordplay. Though they are known to have aggression and power, they do live a secluded life. They are very protective of their land and will fight anything that harms them.

Male Names

  • Narkoros
  • Wallias
  • Galerta
  • Zorokas
  • Galkul
  • Xanliss
  • Horbaver
  • Galinkul
  • Fylapeiros
  • Kuourian

Female Names

  • Olparys
  • Rolkiries
  • Velazora
  • Ansanna
  • Xyrmeiv
  • Beshana
  • Drislynna
  • Weswyse
  • Nerirynna
  • Iresys

Dark Elf Names

Dark elves are a kind of elf born with dark skin and feature a wicked character. They sometimes live underground, unlike other elf generations. Discover some unique dark elf names below –

Male Names

  • Zomdrirn Dhiandragein
  • Khabzak Khirzedee
  • Thundy Murorzin
  • Rhedruth Shoniangil
  • Ondoss Urse
  • Iekais Dhashras
  • Apidri Zarlegein
  • Siekie Shrulzec
  • Ebneci Taizevner
  • Kierved Gudordir

Female Names

  • Eknon Ordrid
  • Idrobi Choldrih
  • Ghidupo Tareildes
  • Rhudnys Vodaibis
  • Mendeho Shangul
  • Gaekny Bhemrith
  • Sugnairth Daruh
  • Braevridh Imres
  • Acraca Yanrac
  • Ponroha Piulnith

Neutral Names

  • Bhaniksu Krivral
  • Tokna Bhordroh
  • Phensane Meevni
  • Ilmal Emrabath
  • Ghuncaer Bhelvud
  • Gabsa Krolvir
  • Dethror Sunath
  • Aphrabe Krieldu
  • Thoulge Bhunnosaeth
  • Iovou Cielniu

Dark Eldar from Warhammer

These are the sadistic versions of Eldar. They are more gruesome and are the definition of chaos. An Eldar’s character being cruel can be a pointer that it is a Dark Eldar. 

Male Names

  • Charbryn
  • Bazeriaq
  • Kyrakyth
  • Iyskos
  • Bernumor
  • Fahrdovur
  • Izenkos
  • Yl’agrath
  • Ezargrath
  • Muchtaz

Female Names

  • Mesraseos
  • Irebrique
  • Kihresarihs
  • Dehzatyhs
  • Iazenaehr
  • Maerovero
  • Trezhbris
  • Yzikeo
  • Iyesshi
  • Izerateque

Christmas Elf Names

The Christmas elf names are purely based on the Christmas theme, and our generator maintains this aspect. Coming up with your own name can be tricky, so let this site create some distinctive name tags –

Male Names

  • Fuzzle Cracklefeast
  • Fluffy Chimneymitten
  • Jingle Milksleigh
  • Frosty Jigglelight
  • Fuzzle Jollylight
  • Brandysnap Nibbledancer
  • Fuzzle Magichug
  • Jolly Ivybox
  • Bing Milkwine
  • Mint Carolcheer

Female Names

  • Hazel Sparkleglove
  • Snow Partymilk
  • Glitter Milkkiss
  • Cinnamon Goodyhope
  • Bluebell Sleepywrap
  • Brownie Hotivy
  • Topper Partyfriend
  • Honeycomb Candydance
  • Snappy Sparklenight
  • Twinkle Rhymebox

Neutral Names

  • Ice Miraclespirit
  • Fudge Mittenplum
  • Flake Cracklesledge
  • Snappy Fruitcane
  • Dash Angelglove
  • Fruity Snowmoon
  • Fruity Miracleguest
  • Bluebell Chillcard
  • Ginger Nibblecake
  • Button Happylight

Kelari Elf Names

These elves are seen in the Rift universe and possess similar traits to other elves. They are dependent on magic and the power of spirits to lead their lives. Check out many different names below –

Male Names

  • Homosios
  • Perian
  • Basarius
  • Perosios
  • Kyrareus
  • Cadmeus
  • Damaeus
  • Aesasius
  • Homothius
  • Heleon

Female Names

  • Cyrectra
  • Daphnite
  • Hypexis
  • Larisma
  • Amelina
  • Aretatia
  • Cresethea
  • Cascacia
  • Nerandra
  • Alexena

Elves from Witcher Names

As you know, elves share human-like nature and have some common features too, but elves tend to be more beautiful with the exception of pointed ears. Elves also have the power to breed with humans and continue the life cycle.

Male Names

  • Unanniam
  • Crirnach
  • Ebha
  • Ceindral
  • Faimabi
  • Dindrun
  • Chaungrangath
  • Toiran
  • Randadriam
  • Ioleimei

Female Names

  • Cissa
  • Laglivish
  • Omesel
  • Taesa
  • Dudholaen
  • Vofro
  • Terru
  • Fiamnu
  • Uaffas
  • Srarra

Drow Elves Names

The Drow is one evil race when it comes to elves. They abide by a vile goddess and stick to ways of corruption. Their names are melodic but also have a harsh language to them.

Male Names

  • Danston Blundarran
  • Tebraun Zauvonrae
  • Filmeth Quavith
  • Tazennin Kront’tane
  • Ruathym Omriwin
  • Tolonim Yauntarran
  • Nymnill Daeviir
  • Vuzven Dryaaliiryn
  • Tarlyn Quavein
  • Quevven Jhalavar

Female Names

  • Nilae Blundiom
  • Nenste Zoluan
  • Zendaraenil Dilael
  • Kiadriira Galluae
  • Umrae Naerth
  • Chadzana Baenreala
  • Chathrae Jhalykur
  • Nenyana Chaulssabban
  • Llolyanna Omryr
  • Phaere Waeglossz

Dunmer Names

The Dunmer is a race of creatures found in elder scrolls games. These are known as dark elves, and the names could be fitting to other dark elves in various games.

Male Names

  • Llolo Narhalnim
  • Mavuik Brarrothi
  • Dreabi Mothaai
  • Olyndras Adryandil
  • Midail Ralaarys
  • Daraimar Galsthran
  • Belsrar Adreethran
  • Enaeth Valoavel
  • Othame Aralreloth
  • Aroams Evoshul

Female Names

  • Fadaelea Serilvel
  • Athecea Serolyn
  • Halinah Menaleno
  • Orvmona Orial
  • Fonaisa Venihis
  • Danoviso Serralen
  • Irvsthasa Tellinith
  • Tiraosi Damlandas
  • Nidalurea Rurvato
  • Bedyaris Brimalvel

Nightborne Names

In the world of warcraft games, the Nightborne elves are known to possess arcane powers from the Nightwell. Though they have been separated from the world, they are still evolving. Some unique night elves’ names are given below –

Male Names

  • Phulthuix Telas
  • Fevaeur Ulsen
  • Keshint Lelilsill
  • Dendirveuc Nallissir
  • Cultho Fonie
  • Gunes Vetul
  • Felfen Rutte
  • Relmant Rintun
  • Aivare Molsondeth
  • Corlire Dineith

Female Names

  • Fiasdo Dinte
  • Thyctos Famu
  • Fecamy Thusushall
  • Ryagu Golli
  • Thwelorlu Gishon
  • Scesdeu Dedrill
  • Tharu Rildro
  • Rysrenn Locain
  • Thwuene Rotu
  • Lallo Kilodren

Falmer (Elder Scrolls) Names

Once, the Falmer elves were known to be powerful but now have been hiding in the Dwemer ruins due to being cursed and blind. Don’t worry about finding names for Falmer characters. This generator has some distinctive names to complement its history.

Male Names

  • Sidahur Narabath
  • Zarre Noryloth
  • Vargriath Tinkelor
  • Sikaris Cryngoth
  • Wiritil Gansaroth
  • Yrvus Forzoth
  • Menlebor Shankrath
  • Sihur Danekrath
  • Sibor Agloth
  • Harring Loredwen

Female Names

  • Ynhemeril Shanrenoth
  • Ternyish Agarsaris
  • Uvezhina Vransaroth
  • Vyrgreah Kranparwen
  • Venshan Ranfaroth
  • Aithpath Narakelor
  • Kirneris Shanvryn
  • Haermhes Vorhorith
  • Prysshan Gankrath
  • Haerfani Orrawyn

Quenya Names

The Quenya is an elf language from which the Sindarin elves were brought to life. In comparison, the Sindarin is more of a simplified character than the Quenya. The names are, in fact, very complicated, and to make it easy for you, we have this generator.

Male Names

  • Lúnano

(Lúna (Dark) + no (Man who does))

  • Navo

(Nav (To Judge) + o (Man who does))

  • Nordo

(Nor (To Run) + no (Man who does))

  • Ectelemo

(Ectelë (Fountain) + mo (Man who does))

  • Orneno

(Ornë (Tree) + no (Man who does))

  • Intyo

(Intya (To Guess) + o (Man who does))

  • Hithwamo

(Hithwa (Grey) + mo (Man who does))

  • Cundono

(Cundo (Guardian) + no (Man who does))

  • Hyanmo

(Hyan (To Injure) + mo (Man who does))

Female Names

  • Nityanis

(Nitya (Small) + níssë (Female))

  • Molrë

(Mol (To Labor) + rë (Woman who does))

  • Carrë

(Car (To Do/Build/Make) + rë (Woman who does))

  • Terenmë

(Teren (Slender) + më (Woman who does))

  • Wirë

(Wirya (To Change) + ë (Woman who does))

  • Yurrë

(Yur (To Run) + rë (Woman who does))

  • Fánawen

(Fána (Cloud) + wendë (Maiden))

  • Toë

(Toa (Woollen) + ë (Woman who does))

  • Yurë

(Ecceth (To Discover) + ë (Woman who does))

Final Words

It is advised to have an eccentric name before you start diving into the magic realm to get the best out of your roleplay. Having a good name will not only make your character fit into the gameplay, but it will speak of its ideology and history. Elves are a common personality in the board game and online game world. They have a variety of features and personality traits; they must stand out mirroring in their names. Thus, we introduced the Elven name generator to deliver some of the most uncommon yet authentic names to complement the mystic realm.

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