Names for Spotify Playlists – Good, Funny, and Creative Playlist Names

Coming up with names for Spotify playlists can be a challenge, especially when you see how witty people are these days. It almost seems like you have to go the extra mile being smart and funny to create a playlist name, but that isn’t necessarily the case. 

Music, primarily, is all about feeling. And once you find the motivation, names for your compilation of songs will come with more ease while creating playlists.

If you’re not in that place yet, we’re here to help. We’ve created a wide list of good, funny, and creative Spotify playlist name ideas perfect for your favorite tunes.

Good Playlist Names 

A good playlist name must be great at describing the songs it includes. This way, it will make people feel curious and check out what the playlist has to offer. 

Before you notice, friends, family, and strangers will be sharing your favorite beats as well. All possible because of good and aesthetic Spotify playlist names. 

Check out this list of quality playlist names that you can use:

  • Road Trip Nostalgia
  • Hip Hop Bangers
  • The Ultimate Rap Music Playlist
  • Indie Rock’s Peak
  • Party Blasters
  • Emotion Beats
  • 90’s Highlights
  • Chillin’ Playlist
  • Inspirational Playlist
  • Capsule from the Past
  • Summer Wowzers
  • Chillin’ Summer Hits
  • Anthems from Other Times
  • Emo Age Tunes
  • Fall Break Anthem
  • Greatest Summer Songs
  • Beach Break Playlist
  • Loving the Summer vibe
  • Blues’ Best
  • Top Ten Pop Songs
  • Disco Time
  • Night-Long Playlist
  • New Experiences Mix
  • To Get in the Groove
  • Limitless Love
Good Names for Spotify Playlists

Happy Playlist

What better way to start your days than with a good and happy playlist? These cute playlist names are perfect for songs that make you feel happy, motivated, inspired, relaxed, exalted, and many other awesome feelings!

Here are a few name ideas that you can try:

  • Captivating Rhythm 
  • It’s All About Me
  • True Color Playlist
  • A Jazzy Life
  • Jovial Mix
  • Wishful Songs
  • My Happy Tunes
  • Happy, Chill Life
  • Feel Good Beats
  • Exultant Playlist
  • Only Quality Vocals
  • Bright, Colorful City
  • Carefree Compilation
  • 100% Celebration
  • Delightful Ballads
  • Taking Control Back
  • Classical Music Playlist
  • Perfect Day Playlist
  • Victory Dance
  • Bouncy Tracks
  • Fascinating Tunes
  • The Sound of Happiness
  • Spices of Happiness
  • Welcoming Songs
  • Trip to Happy Land
  • Blinding Greatness
Happy Names for Spotify Playlists

Sad Playlists

Feeling sad is part of our nature as human beings, and letting it all out calms the soul. Artists are well aware of this, as there are thousands of highly rewarded songs. Each of us has our favorites, which are close and dear to our hearts for whatever reason.

Express your feelings with a music compilation under one of the following Spotify playlist names:

  • Hit on Repeat
  • To Forget You
  • Without You Here
  • Tear Movers
  • The Saddest Compilation
  • Thinking of You
  • Heart-Shattering Melodies
  • Out of Rhythm Heart
  • Same as Always
  • Pop Heartbreak Melodies
  • Slow Jams
  • My Cry for Help
  • Saddest Playlist Ever
  • Slow Heart Beats
  • Sadness Symphony
  • Gloomy Songs
  • When I Missed You the Most
  • Music for the Night
  • Flexible Sounds
  • Hauntingly Gorgeous Playlist

Season Playlists

Whether it’s summer, Christmas, winter break, or fall, countless songs and playlist names are available for each season. Find here some of the most eye-catching season playlist names that will get everyone’s attention to check out your Spotify songs!

  • Santa’s Favorites
  • Christmas Tunes
  • Winter Game Songs
  • Christmas Hometowners
  • Traditional Christmas Jazz
  • Good Old Christmas Mix
  • Santa’s Beats
  • A Loud Christmas
  • That Time of the Year
  • Rocking Christmas
  • Holiday Playlist
  • Instrumental Season
  • Top Christmas Songs
  • Christmas Days
  • Snow Dancing
  • Memory Music
  • A Slow Christmas
  • Cold and Quiet Nights
  • Songs for Santa
  • A Magical Christmas
  • Rocking Jingle Bells

Funny Playlist Names

The good thing is that almost anything passes as a joke nowadays, whether it’s good or bad. So, even if you think that you’re the least fun person on the planet, there’s someone who considers you a hoot. With that said, we do have a couple of witty playlist names that you may want to try out.

Show people your awesome taste in music and your wittiness by creating a playlist with one of the following names:

  • The Greatest Playlist
  • Ridiculousness to the Fullest
  • Beats Don’t Lie
  • The Haters’ Playlist
  • My GF Left Me for This
  • 12/12/12 November Feels!
  • Let’s Get Some Intimacy
  • Songs for Stress Relieving
  • Falling Asleep
  • The Loony Tunes
  • Turn Down for This
  • Don’t Play This Playlist!
  • Why So Serious Mix!
  • A Single’s Collection
  • Lone Banger
  • Lost Playlist
  • Playing Song List
  • Ain’t Nobody’s DJ
  • I Was Petrified
  • Not a Care in the World
  • Final 9th Playlist
  • Hyping My Sad Self
  • I Will (Probably) Survive!
  • Rockers Bonkers
  • Tummy Party
  • Never Going to Give This Song
  • Alright Rhythms
  • Fashion Peak 80’s Time
  • Fish Dance!
  • Songs to XO with You!
  • Ah-Choo Ah-Choo Playlist
  • No Ads Music
  • Expresso Sad
  • Clammy Sounds
  • Hard-Hitting Hits
  • Rhythms No One Knows
  • 90’s Craze
  • Neighbor Nightmare
  • No One Sleeps Tonight
  • Chipping Rhythm
  • The Clown’s Playlist
  • Is This Techno?
  • Drop Beats One Hour in
  • Sociopath’s Booty Mover
  • Unintelligibly Murmuring Rap
  • Songs That Make Me Wanna Live
  • Alarms I Don’t Hate
  • Senseless Playlist
  • I Use These Songs to Remember Stuff
  • All-Out Beat Drops
  • Beethoven’s Bed Time Playlist
  • Banger Songs for Funerals
  • Songs to Crash a Wedding
  • Good Music
  • Songs to Make Me Look Cool
  • Greatest Playlist in Space
  • This is NOT a Romantic Playlist
  • Shakespeare’s Soundtrack
  • Mozart Listened to This Playlist
  • Endless Despacito Mix
  • Monday’s Enemy
  • Songs to Play in the Sun
  • The Make Me Feel Like a Clown Playlist
  • Blues Eyes
  • Worn-Down Weekend Songs
  • Same Old Club Playlist
  • Rihanna Hates These Songs!
  • Rihanna Loves These Songs!
  • Really Low Voice Music
  • More Popular Songs Than Your Faves
  • To Dance with a Bottle of Wine
  • Metal Love Songs
  • Songs without Real Voice
  • Awesome Chorus, Meh Overall
  • Playlist with Alright Songs
  • Those Hard-to-Remember Songs
  • Heavily-Produced Playlist
  • Playlist for the Folk
  • Everyone’s Underrated Playlist
  • Stuck on the Chorus
  • The Greatest Symphony of Decent Songs
  • Songs with the Word “Color”
  • This is What Aliens Listen to
  • Humanity’s Last Dance
  • Hurt But Also Broken
  • Motivating Workout Playlist
  • Songs Featuring Odd Names
  • My Emo Phase
  • Playlist to Settle Family Feuds
  • Lalalalalala
  • Naruto’s Favorite Playlist
  • Playlist for Your Sad Party
  • Pluto is Actually a Planet
  • Social Playlist for the Anti-Social
  • Anti-System Songs Everyone Loves
  • My Favorites, Your Favorites
  • Everyone’s Favorite Songs
  • Too Cool for You
  • Songs for Your BFF’s GF!
  • My Grandma Rocks to This
  • Crushed by a Crushing Playlist
  • Feelings, Emotions, and Stuff
  • The Ultimate Go Away Playlist
  • Summer Sounds Like This
  • Throwback Music to Last Week
  • Carefully Thrown Together Mix
  • My Villain OST
  • Boredom’s Original Soundtrack
  • Cops Arrested Me for This
  • Songs That Made My Father Leave
  • Classic Punk Rock from 1,800

Creative Playlist Names

Let’s finish off by sharing some creative playlist names. Here, you want a playlist that helps you be imaginative while creating something out of many things or from nothing at all. It’s a perfect combination of tunes for when you’re feeling emotional, sad, excited, inspired, and much more. 

Check out our collection of creative Spotify playlist names, which should help you choose one that encapsulates your songs perfectly! Once you have a unique name, you’ll be ready to put your favorite songs out there.

  • Ode to Nostalgia 
  • Breakthrough Pop Tunes
  • Acoustic Ballads
  • Getting Intimate
  • Heartwarming Melodies
  • Workout Pump Up Music
  • Classic for Parties
  • It’s That Summer Time Again
  • Most Beautiful Songs
  • Electro Sound
  • Big College Partying Time
  • Songs to Nod Off to
  • Last Year’s Best Love Songs
  • Upbeat Country Playlist
  • Rocking End of Week
  • Cool Rock Playlist
  • Punk, Pop, and More
  • Staying Positive
  • Relaxing Rocker Tracks
  • An Intriguing Time
  • Beach Party Playlist
  • Starting the Party Hip Hop Style
  • For the after Party
  • Blue-Like Playlist
  • Instrumental Laid Out Playlist
  • Flawless Road Tripping
  • Cover Beats OG
  • Relaxing Sunday 
  • Feeling a Bit Retro
  • To Waste Time at the Office
  • Jams to Study
  • Eye-Opening Playlist
  • Good Old High School Years
  • Hilarious Party Tunes
  • Greatest Yoga Playlist 
  • Afternoons at the Autumn Station
  • Only Acoustic Versions
  • Feeling in the Mood
  • Hidden Gems 
  • On That Night We Met
  • Encounters at the Sunset
  • Horizon Expansion
  • The Moment I Realized
  • Some Country Love
  • Crafted to Perfection
  • Country Hits
  • The Ultimate Tranquility Playlist
  • Acoustic Sonnets
  • Songs I Could Sleep to
  • Sort of Indie Sounds
  • My Muse
  • Coming of Age Playlist
  • Storytelling Songs
  • Beats from the ’70s
  • Working Jams
  • Life Sounds Like This
  • Storytellers from the Past
  • Go Back and Play It Again
  • Childhood Chronicles
  • The Ethereal Playlist
  • Taps in the Rains
  • Tell Me a Reason Why
  • Relaxing Time

Final Words

The names for Spotify playlists shared here will work wonders for you. They will make people feel curious and help put your songs out there. Whether it’s for holidays, summer, or another time of the year, there’s a name for every playlist. 

You can also add a customized name for those songs that hit extra hard when you’re feeling at your lowest. We know we all love those!

Ultimately, we hope you feel encouraged to create your own playlist names. Use these if you don’t have any, but try to come up with a name of your own as well. 

It’s a fun exercise that feels highly rewarding. Making up playlist names, whether it’s hip hop playlist names or aesthetic playlist name ideas, feels satisfying.

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