25 Cute Playlist Names – Ideas for your Spotify

Choosing a cute playlist name can really take your Spotify or Apple Music playlist game to the next level. If you’ve created the perfect playlist for a loved one or just some of your favorite cutesy songs, then here are 25 ideas for cute playlist names.

What Makes A Cute Playlist Name?

When creating a playlist name that you want to have a ‘cute’ feel, you want to try and check as many of these boxes as possible.

  • Make it personal – if the reason you want a cute playlist name is because of a friend or lover then try to make a personal reference in the name. It can be a specifc memory you have together, something that describes your relationship, or even just a nickname you have for each other.
  • Use meaningful words – use words that convey your feelings.
  • Make a list – use the suggestions we have included below to make a list of your favorite cute spotify playlist names and maybe combine your favorite ones.
  • Scan the songs in your playlist – take a look at the songs in your list, is there a common theme or reoccuring word in the song titles? If so, combine them with a meaningful word.

Our List of Cute Playlist Names

  1. Violet Petals
  2. Honeysuckle Angel
  3. Angel Dust
  4. Remember That Day?
  5. I Miss You
  6. All4U
  7. Take Me Home
  8. Your Green Eyes
  9. The Heart Wants
  10. In My Emotions
  11. LoveStruck
  12. My Everything
  13. Pretty.Perfect.Plays
  14. This Is Us
  15. PYT – Pretty Young Thing
  16. Songs About Us
  17. You & Me 4Eternity
  18. Ballads In The Rain
  19. All The Feels
  20. My ❤️
  21. You + Me = This Playlist
  22. Our HeartBeatz
  23. What Is Love?
  24. LoveStruck
  25. Soul2Soul
Cute Playlist Names

Key Takeaways

So there you have it, 25 cute playlist name ideas to use for your next Spotify or Apple Music playlist.

When creating a playlist name, remember to make it personal, make it meaningful, and make it relevant to the songs that are in the list.

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