Dwarven Name Generator

Dwarfs originally appeared in Norse mythology and German Folklore. They have been portrayed in many different forms, but brave fighters with big beards and short statures would be an authentic representation.

Dwarfs have always been famous in entertainment and other media. From video games like Elder Scrolls to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings books and movies, dwarves played a considerable part.

About to embark on a fantasy quest? Is a dwarf your choice of character for this journey? Then you will need a cool dwarf name. We are coming up with dwarven names on the fly, but we have covered you with our dwarf name generator here. 

Our generator creates dwarven names that will generally fit the taste of all of your diverse choices of roleplay character names.

You will be spoilt for choices when you see all the dwarf names we have compiled for you.

Male Dwarf Names

The fantasy genre lays out an excellent roleplaying groundwork for your characters. After you have thought of the character you decide to role play, you will need a cool and memorable name for it. 

We have been reading up on many fantasy things and have come up with tons of names for you to try out. So, get a feel out for your chosen dwarves and choose a name that fits the role you envisioned for it.

  • Alius 
  • Eridmot Minecoat 
  • Gimli 
  • Yursor Fierybender 
  • Grygrom 
  • Addanc 
  • Dani  
  • Grazzour Duskgrog 
  • Gidel 
  • Tydar Ti 
  • Kramdek Wildhold 
  • Thurnum Dunhovert 
  • Tyrik Thrungivaln 
  • Branren Drunkunenn 
  • Hurkyl 
  • Bes   
  • Apep   
  • Hurmek 
  • Baldrumlin Flaskbasher 
  • Hjulgrum 
  • Anvari  
  • Ragren 
  • Magmun 
  • Alviss 
  • Addac 
  • Houthumlin
  • Kramnar 
  • Hannar  
  • Chrysaor 
  • Anak   
  • Hardur Bimme  
  • Hamurum
  • Kharmun 
  • Lozzuik Fierybow 
  • Fafnir 
  • Hjaldur 
  • Thufroul Woldbraid 
  • Dori 
  • Gerdur Onyxpike 
  • Nuragnod Flatfall 
  • Thordain 
  • Thedgroli Oakmaker 
  • Doraggumir Copperbeard 
  • Argos 
  • Thutmouk Shatterhelm 
  • Doutrous Kragguard 
  • Grumpy 
  • Hjaldohr Mudguard 
  • Thatroick Greatfury 
  • Brookk 
  • Werazzet Earthbane 
  • Bari  
  • Onfroi 
  • Germund 
  • Tydar Ti 

Female Dwarf Names

Female dwarves are slightly shorter than their male counterparts. However, they have been given a lot of importance in fantasy, so it would not be harmful to have some female dwarves in your story.

They have been depicted as caretakers and are not seen often outside their homes. But, that does not mean you cannot have your female fantasy dwarf be a brave fighter. Regardless of your choice, here are some female dwarf names for you to choose from.

  • Birna  
  • Toremmaic Bonefoot 
  • Loddeack Bristlethane 
  • Lazulli 
  • Admina  
  • Backdraes Cragbringer 
  • Amethyst 
  • Lordrumi Aletank 
  • Abria 
  • Alfommaek Grimshaper 
  • Rarona 
  • Maevros Darkflight 
  • Nasgiel Kindboots 
  • Herneack Lavabane 
  • Dania  
  • Maevbelle Flintboot 
  • Jinrielle Gekenog 
  • Firagatum Draekecloak 
  • Bari 
  • Betta 
  • Jennria Hardeyes 
  • Nalla Strongshield 
  • Barvia Letgack 
  • Lesslin Brollorirr 
  • Demeter 
  • Alda  
  • Agda  
  • Bhakdroud 
  • Afra  
  • Doradmaek 
  • Bara  
  • Maevsora Throkek 
  • Brilri Tofdagenn 
  • Thorgred 
  • Aden  
  • Hormur  
  • Ebba  
  • Borgrerling Oakchin 
  • Cosette  

Dwarf Last Names

Whether we knew it or not, the last names given to the dwarfs in the fantasy world in our childhood stories would stick with us way longer than any other detail. 

The naming process might go along easier if you focus more on making the dwarven names of important characters meaningful than other lesser ones. Let’s take a look at the last names of the dwarf ancestors now.

  • Ironbreaker
  • Lasteye 
  • Dulir
  • Oregut
  • Bloodminer
  • Dhotdrunk
  • Ruvon
  • Drunkmight 
  • Truestrike 
  • Bronzeeyes 
  • Hardgrip 
  • Marblebrow 
  • Glolbrureck 
  • Tobrog 
  • Dreldirk 
  • Gletgikuck 
  • Lezzar 
  • Brenkirk 
  • Malvon
  • Evenpride
  • Firstbeard 
  • Bravefinder
  • Smughammer 
  • Goblinbleeder 
  • Breldunuk 
  • Rebrurehr 
  • Mordar 
  • Caenkohert
  • Radakehk
  • Bhaston
  • Dradir  
  • Bothor
  • Truegift 
  • Thovir
  • Sternmantle 
  • Throrthin 
  • Mightbane 
  • Hothgehahr 
  • Dugin
  • Broadhold 
  • Artion
  • Cofdever 

Funny Dwarf Names

Dwarves are often portrayed as comedic relief in movies and books. However, it is not always goblins and orcs being slaughtered. Humor can also be used to create fantasy names for your dwarf.

Again, assigning a funny-sounding name to this generator may not lead to the best results. So instead, pick a name that goes with the characteristics of your chosen dwarf. With all that being said, here are some of the funniest names we gathered for you to look over.

  • Deartyn Brawnward 
  • Tishmera Sleepyhead 
  • Gruzzon Shortpants 
  • Torthiel Stoneeater 
  • Gernis Baffleface 
  • Nesrin Softhammer 
  • Galiggs Halfpint 
  • Gymlynn Saladtosser 
  • Tortheal Stoneater
  • Grengrun Bentfork 
  • Eddelle Boarhead 
  • Hormek Drinkage 
  • Bardora Lastfront 
  • Galkum Kegstand 
  • Tishmera Sleepyhead
  • Bralleselle Hornbelly 
  • Bramdek Ironball 
  • Lessnera Marthohak 
  • Grenthar Picklenose 
  • Rynma Smugblood 
  • Kromdren Thickbottom 

Fantasy Dwarf Name

Dwarves are tough, agile, and clever. Not only are they loyal friends and brave fighters, but they are also one of the most popular races in all of the fantasy being widely used in books such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy and tabletop RPGs Dungeons & Dragons. 

Therefore, we listed some reliable names for your fantasy dwarf you can count on.

  • Borgrerlig Oakchin 
  • Thorgred Cragbeard 
  • Bhakdroud Orcshaper 
  • Hormur Chaosbrow 
  • Loddeack Bristlethane 
  • Brovrot Kraghead 
  • Doradmaek Fieryflayer 
  • Firgatum Drakecloak 
  • Brougram Windarm 
  • Bakdraes Cragbringer 
  • Krorgirlun Oreminer 
  • Herneack Lavabane 
  • Toremmaic Bonefoot 
  • Weraddac Cragbow 
  • Lordrumi Aletank 
  • Sakgraed Coinforge 
  • Alfommaek Grimshaper 
  • Hokhuk Bottleriver 

Dungeons and Dragon Dwarf Names

Dwarven races are courageous and have stubborn personalities. They are often skeptical and suspicious at first; they tend to warm towards you once you gain their trust and loyalty. 

Dungeons and Dragon has dwarven names that closely resemble the dwarves found in Tolkien’s Middle Earth universe but with some subtle and minor differences. Here are some fantastic names you can try out for your DnD quest.

  • Dimla Runeforge 
  • Kardryn Bonebelly 
  • Muirrak Hepvunthihk 
  • Harraehulda Blessedshaper 
  • Noralgebelyn Cavebeard 
  • Eddryn Boulderbelt 
  • Hurmugith Stronghide 
  • Daermir Ein 
  • Vatraethra Platefeet 
  • Brammus Gergelbi 
  • Kaitrelle Leadforge 
  • Sarniss Grumblejaw 
  • Ermgus Deathwing 
  • Nysnera Frozenhandle 
  • Addohr Longforge 
  • Khurdrustr Rubyforged 
  • Jatebelle Blazingblade 
  • Rangrim Hiltenduft 
  • Gymmyla Rubyforged 
  • Gymnura Mountainbender 
  • Glasdrulyn Snowstone 
  • Throveastr Leadgrip 
  • Gruzzon Coalbelt 
  • Arnora Strongsunder 
  • Thalbrek Zenibrar 

Dwarf Names from Snow White

If there ever were a movie that solidified the dwarf image in our brains when we were little, it has to be Snow White. Being portrayed as loving, kind, and sweet, you will not go wrong with the examples set by this movie.

Disney did not go very practical with the names of the dwarfs that stayed with Snowhite, instead, they went more creative by naming the dwarfs after humane emotions. The names of the seven dwarves are listed below are quality choices for dwarf names.

  • Bashful
  • Sleepy
  • Sneezy
  • Dopey
  • Happy
  • Doc
  • Grumpy

Dwarf Clan Name

Tales of dwarf clans engaging in battle with goblins and other creatures are not surprising. Maybe they are short characters who give out that comical look. But dwarf clans are one proud, united race who would slay dragons together. 

They have their own set of principles, ethics, and constitutions they used to follow as a dedicated member of their respective clans.

Thereby, if you and your friends are trying to come up with unique group names for your virtual game quests, let us help you with our list of clan names below.

  • The IronSets 
  • The Riverwrights 
  • The Grandidierite 
  • The Peridot 
  • The IronSets 
  • Red Beryl Dwarvens 
  • The Steel Whole Dwarfs
  • The Hammerkeepers 
  • The Copper Pocs 
  • The BronzeBeards 
  • The Mountainhill
  • The Diamond Bounds 
  • The JadeTones 
  • The Thuundershod 
  • The Mountain Homes 
  • The Kunzite Dwarfs
  • The Stormhammers 
  • The Blue Mountain Dwarves
  • Clan Citrine 
  • The Mountainhewers 
  • The Rubywoo 
  • The Quick-Smelter Clan 
  • The Goldenfield Clan 
  • The Ironhelms 
  • The Lords of the Gyre Mountains 
  • The Hammerdashers 
  • Tanzanite Clan 
  • The Silvertomes 
  • The Ironjaws 
  • The Iceblood 
  • The Mountain Falls 
  • Clan Goldtrickle 
  • Clan Krakhammer 
  • Hessonite Clan 
  • The Winterhills 
  • The Lords of the Crystal Caverns 
  • The Quartzeaters 
  • The Highfields 
  • The Thunder Kings 
  • The Frostpeak 
  • Taaffeite Clan 

Mountain Dwarf Names

Legend says, during the times, Dwarfs lived in deep caves dug through the mighty mountains. 

They were skilled craftsmen and ironsmiths as well. If you have watched Lord Of The Rings, you are probably aware of how the dwarves were assigned the jobs of crafting and mining the deadliest weapons for the legendary battles. 

Hill dwarves loved creating material things of gold, mining gems, and trading valuables. Let’s take a look at the name of these hill traders.

  • Bonnglia Meadowleaf 
  • Thelrom Chinamaki 
  • Lasssyl Fogsurge 
  • Kramgrom Hakor 
  • Brallesora Glak 
  • Ebnom Zakdez 
  • Maerlyn Vurdug 
  • Banrum Thunderridge 
  • Maermyl Hillspear 
  • Kartharn Fisttrack 
  • Anvian Buzraprut 
  • Emthrun Rasad 
  • Solwaen Fuzift 
  • Bharmir Tolbos 
  • Nasnyl Rumzurima 
  • Tharigg Fazohill 
  • Baernora Munzama 
  • Gimmek Sao 
  • Dimdeth Yua 
  • Grandal Pala 
  • Solra Zao 
  • Horgrum Margado 
  • Bryllemora Gakokomo 
  • Thelthan Ceiled 
  • Jinlyn Strongsworn 
  • Hjalgg Fulduz 
  • Eddielle Nakod 
  • Thalbreak Zenibar 
  • Marryn Cekha 
  • Tydar Tin 
  • Jintin Glowdust 
  • Lassryl Menzek 
  • Daerris Hallowedclaw 
  • Gwyinglian Yua 
  • Kaitla Menskal 
  • Kaitbera Xeim 
  • Bryllemora Gakokomo 
  • Bralrin Stokave 

Warrior Dwarf Names

While hill dwarfs created weapons, the big-muscular dwarves went to battles with their brave hearts and warcraft skills to free their race of internal conflicts and other struggles against goblins and orcs. They also used to love bringing dragons down.

Our dwarf name generator here will now introduce you to the fearful and courageous warrior dwarf names that are pretty self-descriptive about the dwarf’s individual skills at war that aided them to conquer new lands.

  • Stronginthearm 
  • Battlehammer
  • Bloodcoat 
  • Ironbreaker 
  • Stonesplitter 
  • Ironhand 
  • Bloodforge 
  • Dragons-killer
  • Stoneheart 
  • Bloodminer 
  • Shieldbreaker 
  • Boatmurderer 
  • Leatheraxe 
  •  Bonetank 
  • Jumpnkill 
  • Chainbreaker 
  • Ironjaws 
  • Deepaxe 

Sweet and Good Dwarf Names

Now that our dwarf name generator is done listing most of the tough and rough random dwarf names of the dwarven world, let our site bring you in contact with dwarves’ names that have a softer tone to them.

  • Ashbraid 
  • Goldtrickle 
  • McKnuckles 
  • Blessedgrog 
  • Worldsword 
  • Bottlefinger 
  • Hammerpants 
  • Surefoot 
  • Hornbelly 
  • Silverbeards 
  • Buzzbeard 
  • Noblemantle 
  • Snowmaker 
  • Nightguard 
  • Copperpots 
  • Icebrew 
  • Silverfinger 

Final Words

Our dwarf name generator with random names of funny, sweet, and deadly dwarves will certainly help you in conquering quests of your dungeons dragons universe or for your cool Reddit names. 

Whether to play video games, board games, or something else, you can simply draw inspiration from our dwarf name generator that will give you names of all categories.

You can also custom make your favorite dwarf names by mixing last names with another favorite name from one of our name lists. However, here’s an idea: try to keep the name simple yet memorable.

A dwarf is a tavern lover, a protector, and a loyal friend. But, if you mess with them, they can be tricky as well with their brave heart-picking. Therefore, when picking names, we encourage you to design a name that also holds a personal message of what type of dwarf you would have been in a mythical universe.

On that note, go and treasure your mine today with a fantasy dwarf name that you picked from our name generator!

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