The Boys In The Band Release Date, Cast, Trailer

Critically-acclaimed 2018 broadway show ‘The Boys In The Band’ debuts on screen as Netflix announced an adaptation to a movie. Fans who missed the play now have a chance to relive the stage experience from the comforts of their home. What can we expect from this queer-starred Ryan Murphy starter? Read on as we share with you what we know so far.

The Boys In The Band is a broadway revival of the 1968 play of the same title by Mart Crowley. The story revolves around a group of gay friends in New York 1968 who gathered to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It first had a film adaptation in the 1970, which starred the same ensemble cast from the original play.

In 2018, the production brought the story back to Broadway, and won a Tony for the Best Revival of a Play the following year. This 2020, it will once again reunite the 2018 cast to reprise their roles for the new adaptation. It will be directed by Joe Mantello, the same director who worked on the 2018 award-winning play.

When is The Boys In The Band coming out?

The Boys In The Band premieres September 30 on Netflix. The original play debuted in 1968 and became a groundbreaker for depicting gay relationships at a time when homosexuality was still taboo. Asked about his thoughts on the new adaptation, Producer Ryan Murphy said “I feel like the world needs more LGBTQ history. It just does. The Boys in the Band is a play that many people have looked on as problematic, when it’s seen through the current prism of, I guess — gay politics. But I was always interested in that. I thought that was a great jumping-off point.”

Who is set to appear in the movie adaptation of The Boys In The Band?

Tony-winning cast of the 2018 revival play returns to reprise their roles for the movie. Michael, played by Jim Parsons, hosts the party for the birthday boy Harold (Zachary Quinto). The cast also includes Matt Bomer (Donald), Andrew Rannells (Larry), Tuc Watkins (Hank), Michael Benjamin Washington (Bernard) and Robin de Jesús (Emory). Charlie Carver also joins the cast as a sex worker who is meant to be Harold’s “gift” for the night, and Brian Hutchison (Alan) as the surprise guest.

What can we expect from The Boys In The Band – the movie?

A short synopsis on Netflix teases about seven gay friends at a birthday party set in 1968 New York. What begins as a night of fun and booze gets overturned by the unexpected arrival of a guest. A drinking game will also let friends confront their unspoken feelings and buried truths that could potentially threaten their bond.

Is there a trailer for The Boys In The Band?

A two-minute official trailer for the film is now up on Netflix and YouTube. It features a glimpse of Michael’s (Jim Parson) apartment and the night of the party that comes. Fans get to witness the seven different personalities and humor of the group, as well as their struggles in love and life.

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