Saved By The Bell Original Cast: Who Are They And Where Have They Been Since?

Saved By The Bell, the revival of the popular young adult 90’s sitcom premieres in two days. The Bayside High gang, brought to us by the original series, is also set to return for the Peacock sequel. Although much older, the appearance of the original cast certainly raised anticipation and excitement among fans awaiting the new series. Who again are these characters coming back and what were they up to since Bayside High days?

The series reboot sees now “California governor Zack Morris gets into hot water for closing too many underfunded high schools.” To address the situation, he proposes to send the affected students to well-funded schools in the state including Bayside High. The influx of these new students will then give the privileged Bayside kids their much-needed dose of reality.

Here then are the five original characters returning for the reboot, and where they have been since their Bayside days.

Saved By The Bell Original Cast

Mark Paul-Gosselaar as Zack Morris

Gosselaar reprises his role as Zach Morris, the once troublemaker teen who has now become the governor of California. He finds himself in the middle of a controversy after closing a lot of low-income schools. To respond in such a crisis, he sends the students from those schools to high-funded state schools like Bayside High. 

Gosselaar won a Young Artist Award back in 1991 for his role as Zack in the series. He has since then starred in shows like The Twilight Zone, The Wonder Years, and Punky Brewster. His notable works include roles in Hyperion Bay, D.C, NYPD Blue, John from Cincinnati, and Raising the Bar. His recent appearances were on Franklin & Bash, Pitch, Nobodies, and Mixed-ish.

Tiffani Thiessen as Kelly Kapowski

Thiessen returns to play Kelly, who is now Zack Morris’ wife and Mac’s (Mitchell Hoog) mother. She has also become the First Lady of California, following after her husband’s title.

Thiessen’s most notable role to date is probably Elizabeth Burke from White Collar. However, the actress had also been a part of many productions since her days as Kelly. She played roles in Charles in Charge, Married with Children, Blossom, Ivansxtc, and The Ladies Man. Currently, she plays the role of Lori Mendoza in Netflix’s Alexa & Katie. She also served as producer for the films Buried Secrets and Just Pray, and the cooking show Dinner at Tiffani’s.    

Mario Lopez as AC Slater

Lopez comes back as AC Slater in the series, the school’s old jock and now the Bayside High’s gym teacher.

 Lopez landed roles in films Pacific Blue, The Bold and the Beautiful, and in the TV series Nip/Tuck. Apart from acting, Lopez also took roles as a host, producer, and writer. He has hosted/reported for Entertainment Tonight, America’s Best Dance Crew, and The X Factor USA to name a few. He also executive-produced and co-created the Netflix’s 2020 series, The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia.

Elizabeth Berkley as Dr. Jessie Spano

Berkley reprises her role of Jessie, a very ambitious and goal-oriented student in the original series. She is now a mother to Belmont Cameli’s character, Jamie and Bayside High’s guidance counselor. 

Since STB days, she’s been casted in huge productions such as Showgirls, The First Wives Club, and The Real Blonde. She also took roles on crime dramas such as NYPD Blue, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and CSI: Miami. Her other notable works include The L Word, Women in Trouble, Melissa & Joey, and New Girl.

Lark Voorhies as Lisa Turtle

Popularly known as the well-dressed Lisa Turtle, Voorhies returns for the Peacock sequel as a successful fashionista. 

Since then, Voorhies has played roles in Days of Our Lives, The Bold and the Beautiful, How to Be a Player, and How High. She has also authored three books namely Reciprocity (2010), Trek of the Cheshire (2010) and True Light (2011).

Ed Alonzo also makes his comeback in the series as Max, the new owner of The Max resto. Patrick Thomas O’Brien also reprises his role as Mr. Dewey, the Bayside High math teacher from the original 90’s series.

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