Elizabeth Hurley Shows Off Swimwear While Feeling Homesick

We are all aware of how beautiful Elizabeth Hurley is and we have said quite a lot about that when she posted a picture of her in a one-piece swimsuit.

At 55-years-old, she’s still doing shows like The Royals and keeping up with her swimsuit line called Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

Instagram / @theroyalstv

As of this writing, her recent Instagram post of her wearing a white bikini with a caption “Missing Blighty ❤️ #thrilledtobeworking but #homesick” has garnered over 60,000 likes and 870 comments.

According to an interview, Elizabeth Hurley keeps active by walking, gardening and moving as much as she can. She also said that instead of practicing high-impact sports, she prefers meditating through yoga and doing pilates.

A few months ago, she did an interview with Women’s Health and confessed that she’s active not because she wants to look good but because when she lost her grandmother to cancer, she was made aware of how much exercising, sticking to a healthy diet, and taking time off to relax can help her live longer.

Every piece of swimwear she wears on her social media accounts come from her own swimsuit line – that way, she looks amazing while promoting her passion project as well.

Elizabeth Hurley founded her swimwear line back in 2005. It features a wide range of styles and color palettes – all of which could help any woman highlight their assets. It caters to pretty much anyone, really – from younger women to older ones.

Besides her obsession with vacation clothes, she wanted to empower women and to help them feel as beautiful. Elizabeth Hurley being the model of a swimsuit line like this is just the cherry on top.

Her secret diet? Two mugs of warm water, locally-grown organic food, fruits, and vegetables. Nothing over-the-top!

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