Elizabeth Hurley still has a banging bod even at 55-years-old

A lot of people know Elizabeth Hurley as a recurring character on the Austin Powers franchise – some even recognize her as Hugh Grant’s ex-girlfriend. Earlier this week, she made news when she posted a picture of her on Instagram (@elizabethhurley1).


Wearing nothing else but a black one-piece swimsuit and a pair of sunglasses to match, the Internet went crazy. There are two probable reasons why this happened: it’s either the fact she’s beautiful and famous or the fact that she is 55 years old and is still banging. It’s probably the latter.

Elizabeth Hurley in White Suit

She typed, “Does anyone NOT need a black one piece? Now’s your chance: 30% off our bee-yoot-iful Black Edit- lots of which are already marked down in our sale www.elizabethhurley.com use code EXT30 at checkout.”

That’s pretty smart of her to promote her own swimsuit line while flaunting her amazingly sculpted bod! Elizabeth Hurley revealed in an interview with Women’s Health that the secret to achieving an amazing bod like hers is to make time for exercise, eating healthy, and taking some time off to treat yourself with fun activities.

Let’s take that advice so when we reach her age, we can look as good as her!

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