Gravity Falls Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

The Gravity Falls may or may not be going back to the small screens in the near future.

Even without much hope, the fandom still loves showing their love for the Disney show. Most of the fan art is a cross-over we found are cross-overs between Gravity Falls and another show. Regardless, we though they were all amazing!

10. Looks Like an Official Poster

Here we see, Grunkle trying to get out of his bunk while Dipper and Mabel seem to be getting in the way. Laura Ewing Ferrer (@LauraEwF) did a great job capturing our favorite Gravity Falls trio’s relationship in one artwork.

9. See? Gravity Falls is for kids!

Despite the slightly haunting background, this artwork by Ton Matos (@TonMatos_TOON) drew Dipper and Mabel as if they came from a children’s bedtime story. More specifically, one that tells children not to go out during the night.

8. Pokemon X Gravity Falls X Little Witch Academia

Halloween is just around the corner! Even Dipper and Mabel are in their costumes, ready to go trick or treating. This artwork by Ashley Perez (@ashrez_d) shows just that.

7. Dipper in the Woods

Dipper looks pretty much the same as he did on Gravity Falls. Maybe the biggest difference of this artwork by Mira (@miksketched) is that the dimensions of Dipper’s face is more defined.

6. Is it Stranger Falls or Gravity Things?

This artwork by Maik (@maik_check) is another one of those Gravity Falls cross-overs but this time we have the cast of Stranger Things! Shall we call this artwork Stranger Falls or Gravity Things? Tell us in the comments.

5. Mabel, don’t fall!

Tenshi (@TenshiiiEnzelia) drew Dipper and Mabel in a floating piece of land. Knowing Mabel, if she keeps running after that butterfly, she will end up falling and getting into something.

4. Gravity Falls X Studio Ghibli

Finally, Gravity Falls fans who also like Studio Ghibli has seen the two universes collide. In all honesty, this is one of the best out of the hundreds we have seen! Thank you, Carlos (@fanartdibujos).

3. Messy Room in Watercolor

2. Is this a prediction?

We all know that there is a huge chance that Gravity Falls may no longer return to the screens but this artwork by Queen Jenna (@tiny_jedi) is giving us hope. She drew Dipper and Mabel chilling in front of a campfire. Then she put the image inside a crystal ball!

1. Gnome Bait

The top Gravity Falls fan art is made by Kyla Wiebe (@kylart_wiebe). She illustrated Mabel knitting while sitting on top of a broken log. If you follow the string attached to stick, you will see Dipper behind that big boulder.

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