Dr. Stone Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

The scientific anime series, Dr. Stone, is set to return to our screens this coming January 2021.

While we wait for more detail to be ironed out and new episodes to be released, we will be looking at the top 10 examples of fan art that you have to see. For those who want to add more to the list, you may send us the links of your recommendations in the comment section.

10. Senku in 8-bit

We are in love with this fan art by (@ArtDrych). It shows Senku’s madness and contrasts the technological advancements they have in the show.

9. Senku VS Tsukasa

This fan art of (@ImLouisAndrei) also shows how Senku and Tsukasa’s conflict is.

8. Relaxed Tsukasa

Thank you, (@squidcolas), for showing us a rare glimpse of Tsukasa slightly smiling and looking a bit relaxed.

7. Dr. Stone

We see Dr. Stone with two test tubes between his fingers. He looks as if he just had a brilliant idea, thanks (@ImLouisAndrei)!

6. Tsukasa is awake

Let’s all admit the fact that we thought that Tsukasa really looked sexy breaking out of his petrified state.

5. Three-dimensional Dr. Stone

What we love the most about fan art is the fact that we get to see different settings for the characters. Those that we would never see them in!

4. Quick Sketch

Thank you, (@LolliedropArt), for this amazing sketch of Dr. Stone.

3. Kinro

This portrait of Kinro really shows his personality. Thanks (@Sunion15)!

2. Looks Like La Pieta

This illustration of what seems like a lifeless Dr. Stone resembles a famous Michaelangelo painting called La Pieta.

1. Everyone

If you can’t see Dr. Stone, he’s in the first picture – bottom left corner. This art work by (@ballesterosart) shows a lot of iconic characters from different anime series.

Have a fan art recommendation for us? Let us know in the comment section!

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