Dylan Minnette Just Gave Us His Remote – Releases EP

Dylan Minnette and his band, Wallows, just released an album.

The 13 Reasons Why star has been going on and on about his excitement on his social media accounts.

If it weren’t for the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re pretty sure that his year could have been different for Dylan Minnette. Besides filming Scream 5, he should have been touring with the other members of Wallows still managed to record, produce, and release a six-song EP called Remote.

Remote is another milestone for the band since their debut with Nothing Happens back in 2019.

Although their song entitled “OK” which was released last March is not included in the Remote EP.

We highly recommend listening to all the band’s songs in this order:

  • Nobody Gets Me (Like You), Remote EP
  • OK, Single
  • Virtual Aerobics, Remote EP
  • The rest of the Remote EP

Honestly, Dylan Minnette and the rest of the Wallows deserve credit for keeping themselves sane enough to produce great music despite everything that has been happening.

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