DanMachi Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

In Orario City, you can go through tunnels that will lead you to a dungeon where monsters dwell. You can join The Familias and hunt creatures down in hopes of getting crystals to be sold or made into weapons.

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With no official announcement regarding DanMachi Season 3, all we can do is rewatch the show, reread the manga, or look at awesome fan art and reminisce the good times you had in the city of Orario.

10. Hestia X Harley Quinn

This DanMachi fan art is made by (@pablowapsi). While it’s clear that it’s Hestia, the smile reminds us of Harley Quinn in the cartoons.

9. Ready to fight, Bell Cranel?


It’s pretty much a given that the male protagonist of the story will have fans swooning over him. His silver hair and that glare he has when things are about to get intense can drive someone crazy. (@lavenderpark_draws) was able to capture that in this DanMachi fan art.

8. Bell Cranel is Cheerful


Bell Cranel isn’t the jolliest of characters which is why illustrations like this one of (@rizxukaas) is so refreshing to look at.

7. Freya’s Not in the Mood


In this DanMachi fan art made by (@nyan.penguin), we see Freya owning her resting B-face.

6. A Sparkling Tiona is Breathtaking


Her fresh face, friendly personality and her resilience are the things that make Tiona such an amazing character. Although she has openly expressed her insecurity about her breast, we can’t imagine her with a bigger bust! Thank you, (@domimuu)

5. Artemis Portrait


Artemis used to be so serious especially if it involves romance that she even forbade her familia members to have relationships. However, after listening to Lante’s stories about love, she’s slowly opening up to the topic and isn’t as uptight about it. This shows in (@ochamusic)’s illustration.

4. A Determined Hestia

Hestia seems to be the most popular subject of DanMachi fan art and I’m not even shocked. She’s beautiful, kind, and energetic which is highlighted in (@Kuvshinov_Ilya)’s artwork.

3. Hey, Hestia!

This is what I imagine Hestia would look like if you were to call her while she’s in the middle of doing something. Credit goes to (@xongbros) for this illustration.

2. Hestia by the Window


Now, this fan art may come off as sultry to some people, we think it’s beautiful. Thank you, (@charmchi_illustrations) for letting us see this.

1. Hestia in Real-Life


This portrait by (@tmwth) shows how Hestia would look like if she had more realistic features and we are living for it.

Comment a link of your favorite DanMachi fan art below and let’s see if we could have it featured on The Stake.

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