Watch: Opening Scene Of Star Trek Discovery Season 3

With about a week before Star Trek: Discovery returns, CBS All Access releases its opening clip for season 3.

The scene opens with an unfamiliar outer-spatial ship navigating some kind of sphere full of debris. Then, a spinning vessel in pursuit of the first one suddenly appears. 

Onboard the first ship, we meet Discovery’s new cast member Booker (David Ajala), who works behind the ship’s control panel. An alien then pops onto the display screen of his ship calling him “a son of a bitch,” in an barbaric language. It goes on to complain saying “you stole what I stole!” to Booker.

“It doesn’t belong to you,” responds Book. “It belongs to its own self. Open your damned mind.”

Suddenly, a wormhole opens outside Book’s ship. An unidentified object comes speeding towards his ship and collides with it. The clip shortly revealed that it was in fact Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) in her Red Angel time-travel suit. The collision led to both parties losing control, hurtling towards a nearby planet. Burnham ends up restarting her malfunctioning suit as she plunges towards the surface of the foreign world.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Plot and Release Date 

The new season of Star Trek: Discovery sees Michael arriving in the far future, about 900 years ahead. She meets Book, a man living in the future timeline where the Discovery crew unexpectedly arrives.

Season 3 will also welcome the franchise’s first nonbinary and transgender characters. Adira, a nonbinary character will be played by newcomer Blu del Barrio, while Ian Alexander will be a transgendered character.

The stars of Discovery, along with showrunner Michelle Paradise reunited last Thursday for a Comic Con virtual panel. They discussed the season 2 finale and the future that awaits the USS Discovery crew after they blasted off into the unknown future. 

“There’s the obvious hope that that works, that the plan works. And even logistically, that we land where we’re supposed to, that we defeat Control, that we save the world and save the universe. There’s inherent hope in that,” Martin-Green shared during the panel. “And also, the hope to continue discovering myself as Burnham. That’ll always be there. That hope of continual unveiling and finding that perfect, sweet balance between all the forces that wage within me.”

Star Trek: Discovery season 3 premieres on October 15 on CBS All Access. For viewers outside the US, it will be available for streaming the following day on Netflix in over 190 countries. 

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