Succession Season 3: Does The HBO Show Have A Release Date?

Succession is an American comedy-drama series on HBO that’s written and created by Jess Armstrong, Lucy Prebble, and Jonathan Glatzer. With its first and second season being incredibly successful, when will Succession season 3 be released?

When Will Succession Season 3 Be Released?

No release date has currently been announced for Succession season 3.

Back in August, HBO gave a third installment of Succession the green light before season two had even finished airing. While it was initially planned to hit the screens sometime this year, production has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic. 

Succession Season 3 Cast:

As most drama television series, Succession has a core cast that is a staple to the plot of their show. For the most part, the cast has been consistent throughout the first and second installments of the show. As of right now, it hasn’t been confirmed if any new characters will be added to the cast.


Original Cast:

  • Brian Cox as Logan
  • Jeremy strong as Kendall
  • Sarah Snook as Shiv
  • Kieran Culkin as Roman
  • Alan Ruck as Connor
  • Matthew Macfadyen as Tom
  • Nicholas Braun as Cousin Greg

Plot Of Succession

Succession centers around the Roy family and its titanic media empire. In the show’s first and second season, the plot followed Logan Roy,  the founder of media and entertainment corporation Waystar Roycoas. In the events of the show, Roy struggled to divide his empire among his children and hand over control.

In the finale of season 2, we saw the Roy family attempt to figure out who among them should be fired from the company, in order to prove that it means business. Especially after a massive coverup scandal concerning serious crimes, the company was forced to clean up their act in order to save face. At the episode’s end, the family decides that Kendall, the middle son, will take the blame and leave Waystar-Royco. Following these events, Kendall’s dad, Logan, assures him that he’ll be taken care of. While we don’t know what’s to come, all fans can do is patiently wait for the third season to resume production and be released.

Where Can I Watch Succession Season 3?

The first two seasons of Succession are available to stream on platforms including HBO Max, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, VUDU, YouTube, and Google Play. As for the third season, it’s likely that the show will remain on these streaming services.

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