Haikyuu!! Season 4: Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

Since Haikyuu!! is getting released soon so the fans show support by making artworks about the series.

Ever since Haikyuu!! came out even as a manga, readers and viewers alike cannot stop thirsting over the characters. There are a lot of different variations of the players’ personal lives that are not shown in the series – be it fan fiction or fan art.

There are about at least a hundred pages of fan art in both Twitter and Instagram but The Stake team has chosen to feature 10 of them here!

10. Fly!

Here we see a fan art made by Shar (@ronron0402), a Malaysian artist. She drew Shoyo Hinata on the court playing volleyball. The logic of the wings is probably because of how high he jumps and how Shoyo Hinata likes to aim high while also dreaming big.

9. Mister Kiyoomi Sakusaki


This fan art of Kiyoomi Sakusaki is by Ina (Ynaszh). The fascinating thing about this artwork is that Sakusaki was drawn as if he just got out of a formal event.

8. Haikyuu!! Characters as Human-Wolf Hybrids

Have you seen the Haikyu!! characters as human-wolf hybrids? The Stake has!

7. Tobio as Catboy


The anime world seems to mix their favorite characters with animal traits. As for this one, Jae (@tobitsune) mixed Tobio Kageyama with a cat. Everyone already knows how cute he is as a character so Catboy Kageyama is just the best!

6. New Normal


This Haikyuu!! fan art is both relevant and awesome. With the virus still very much present, it makes sense that even Kiyoomi Sakusaki is wearing a mask. Thank you, Vi (@kiyoomimeep) for this.

5. Cute Haikyuu!! Stickers


This wouldn’t be a fan art list if it didn’t have a chibi-style artwork. Jeanne (@pootaetae), the artist, made this in the hopes of attracting people to her art even more. The best part about this is that Haikyuu!! fans can buy these as stickers.

4. Satori Tendo


This Haikyuu!! fan art still has that comic book feel. Although this may be subjective to other people’s opinions, the vibe that Stan Hilu (@ch3irv3) was going for is similar to Joker. Even if it’s not, this digital artwork still embodies how Satori Tendo is in the court – driven, strong, and thirsty for a win.

3. Shoyo Hinata Eating Ramen

Who wouldn’t be hungry for a bowl or two of ramen after winning a volleyball match? This Haikyuu!! fan art of Shoyo Hinata eating is one of the most adorable ones out there in the Twitterverse. This digital art is made by Cherrie Pup (@Cherrie_Pup).

2. Miya Twins During an Apocalypse

This digital artwork of the Miya twins is a creation of Vell (@BoiTobio).

1. Kiyoomi Sakusa in Action

Now, a list of fan art wouldn’t be complete without one of the characters shirtless and in the bedroom. The translation of the dialogue is:
“Take a bath already, you stink. Brush your teeth before we start.”
“Start what!?”
“Working out. We’re not done yet. You’ve only done five push-ups.”
Thank you (@kageyamasmilee) for this!

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