Demon Slayer Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

Demon Slayer is one of those series that is creatively directed to complement the amazing storyline.

In this article, The Stake will be listing down 10 of the Demon Slayer Fan Art that we think are awesome.
Just a quick note, the artworks are arranged randomly.


10. If Demon Slayer had zombie characters

Demon Slayer fans know how amazing Nezuko is and how adorable she looks. Usually, when someone is zombie-fied, the charm and personality goes along with their humanity. The way Leo the Lion (@Railroadlion) made this digital fan art has turned Nezuko’s into an undead zombie without taking her human features away. Is it the “Thriller” pose or do the glowing eyes embody her personality?

9. Demon Slayer Poster Deviation

If you have seen one of the more popular poster of Demon Slayer, this fan art by Ioana Muresan (@IoanaMuresanArt) may look familiar. Despite the cartoon-feel to it, putting most of the details from the original one to this doubles the creativity of this artwork.

8. Trippy Demon Slayer

This Demon Slayer fan art is one for the books, definitely. The art direction makes whoever is looking at it feel the bliss fans probably feel when they watch the show. Thank you, Sommer Leigh (@sommerleighart), for making this.

7. 3-Demon Slayer

From comic book styles to minimalist vector ones, there’s a Demon fan art for that. It’s unusual for fan art to be rendered in 3-D which is why this is included in the list. This is an artwork by Katie Humes (@SgtBabbit), by the way.

6. Chuntaro

The Twitterverse is at it again with the stickers and The Stake is for it! Nut Case (@nutcaseart), probably not her or his real name, created these amazing Nezuko fan art and turned them into stickers. This only proves one thing about any fandom, they will always find a way to make the character cute no matter how strong, powerful, scary, or intimidating they are.

5. Rengoku in Flames

This is fan art by Alpine Squibbles (@AlpineSquibbles) falls under the category that is funny yet amazing at the same time. It’s funny because everyone knows the Rengoku is from Demon Slayer but the little touches like the watch and Tamagotchi transports the character into another time.

4. Shinobu

This is fan art of cheesewoo (@cheesewoo) is amazing! The artworks look like they are part of the newest game’s trailer.

3. Kimetsu Throwback

Mirza (@mirza_artszone) made a fan art to commemorate one of the first moments where viewers saw how amazing and powerful Kimetsu was. Upon looking at her feed, we found out that she is a portrait artist which explains why this Demon Slayer fan art is amazing. To think this was made traditionally too!

2. Sweater Weather

Thanks to Maiko (, every Demon Slayer fan can wish to spend sweater weather with Muzan Kibutsuji!

1. Tanjiro is on Fire!

Everything about this Demon Slayer fan art is lit – shading, attention to detail, capturing the expression. This piece is from Jacob Noble (@jacobnobleart) who is a known illustrator.

What do you think about these? Feel free to comment your thoughts on these Demon Slayer fan art and express your opinions below!

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