Cobra Kai Showrunners Say Miyagi-verse Characters Possible To Appear In Season 4

Cobra Kai’s showrunners hint that any character from the Karate Kid films could appear in season 4. The Karate Kid spinoff series debuted on YouTube Premium in 2018 before moving to Netflix in 2020 after two seasons. Season 3 is Cobra Kai’s first outing to be produced by the streaming giant which is now available for streaming.

The new season covers the continuation of Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) and Johnny Lawrence’s (William Zabka) lives from the original Karate Kid. In doing so, it brought back several other characters from the past action films. Elisabeth Shue returned as Ali Mills to help mend Daniel and Johnny’s rivalry. Moreover, The Karate Kid Part II characters Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) and Chozen (Yuji Okumoto) were also featured.

In an interview with TVLine, showrunners Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg were asked about the possibility of Ali coming back in future seasons. Heald responded, “We won’t comment on what our future plans are with anybody who’s a legacy character from those movies other than to say that we have a long story left to tell.” 

While he did not exactly answer the question, he hinted at the possibility of any character from the Miyagi-verse returning in Cobra Kai’s future.

“We always leave the door wide open for anybody from the Miyagi-verse to come in and out of the series,” Heald added.

Cobra Kai series to welcome legacy characters in the future

With the returns of Ali, Kumiko, and Chozen in Cobra Kai season 3, more legacy characters grace the ongoing story. Although the showrunners didn’t confirm Ali’s return for season 4, it won’t be surprising if she eventually does. Her brief appearance in the third season saw a big impact on Daniel and Johnny’s long-standing rivalry.

Cobra Kai

For Karate Kid fans hoping more characters from the franchise’s past will appear in Cobra Kai, this is good news. The statement of the showrunners means anything and anyone is possible to come. Should the Terry Silver tease in season 3 pay off, Thomas Ian Griffith could be featured come season 4. Characters such as Mike Barnes and Jessica Andrews from Karate Kid III are also probable candidates. Needless to say, based on the number of characters Cobra Kai already used, the possibilities in the future are endless.

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