Will Claire Foy Return To The Crown Season 4?

Fans of the royal drama are totally hyped with The Crown Season 4’s nearing premiere. Teaser photos of the show released by Netflix were met with overwhelming positive response and anticipation from avid viewers. While the news of additional characters appearing in the forthcoming season sounds exciting, so does the possibility of other’s return.

Will Claire Foy be in the 4th Season of The Crown?

One of the alluring characteristics of The Crown came from the showrunner and creator Peter Morgan’s brilliant idea. He famously decided to recast the series’ main characters as they age, instead of simply aging up the actors.

“No ongoing television series has ever done this in the way that we are doing it here, changing the cast but not the characters they are playing,” producer Andy Harries shared in an interview. “It’s extraordinarily bold.”

Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II

However, several reports claim that Claire Foy will be returning to The Crown in Season 4. Foy portrayed Queen Elizabeth II in the first two seasons of the series. Her portrayal witnessed Elizabeth ascending to the throne and spending her first years as the head of the royal family.

She was reportedly spotted on the set of Season 4, which has finished filming early this year. Foy was wearing a white dress and pearls, an outfit that resembles the outfit Queen Elizabeth wore for her 21st birthday speech. 

Foy’s presence on set and the possible recreation of this moment from Elizabeth’s life suggest a flashback scene in the series. It is unclear though if Foy will return for any other flashback scenes. It is also uncertain how this particular flashback will play into the overall narrative of season 4. Netflix has yet to comment on Foy’s return too.

Actors return to reprise their roles

Although Olivia Colman has taken over as the British monarch in Seasons 3 and 4, fans shouldn’t be too surprised to see Foy make a return. 

Season 3 has also seen one of the actors from Seasons 1 and 2 return in a flashback. Pip Torrens who played as royal private secretary Tommy Lascelles reappeared in the show’s second episode. He was seen giving lectures to the young princesses.

John Lithgow also returned as prime minister Winston Churchill for a brief cameo in the first episode of Season 3. However, this was not a flashback and included a scene with Colman’s Queen Elizabeth on his deathbed.

The Crown Season premieres on November 15 on Netflix. It is expected to cover the 1980s, with Gillian Anderson as the new Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Emma Corrin also debuts as the young Lady Diana Spencer aka Princess Diana.

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