Taryn Manning and Anne Cline Split After Short-Lived Engagement

Back in June, singer-songwriter Anne Cline popped the question to Taryn Manning, turning one of her performances into a proposal. Manning seemed eager to say yes, claiming it was the easiest yes she’s ever said.

Two months later, it turns out that wasn’t exactly the case. In fact, the two called it quits in late August, as Taryn claims she only said “yes” at the time because she was put on the spot. Shortly after the breakup, Manning expressed her feelings about the split on Instagram.

It wasn’t long before the actress moved on from the relationship, as it’s been said that she’s already seeing a man she met on set who was working in production.

This newfound love was confirmed when the star posted a quote on Instagram that read “And then suddenly, you meet that one person that makes you forget about yesterday and dream about tomorrow.”