We Are Living For Barack Obama’s TV Watchlist

Former president Barack Obama shared some titles on his television watchlist.

Honestly, it doesn’t surprise us that his list included award-winning and trendy shows.

In an interview, the former POTUS spoke about how the process has been while writing his memoir “A Promised Land.”

He shared that some of his favorite shows are:

  • Better Call Saul” because of the juxtaposition between the ‘American Dream’ and the dark side of it.
  • The Boys” for the way they turn superhero stereotypes to shed light on issues such as racism, capitalism, and mass media.
  • Watchmen” – same goes for this.
  • The Good Place” according to Obama was a sweet combination of comedy and philosophy.
  • NBA Playoffs is also a part of his list because “it’s hoops!”

Of course, being branded as “the coolest president ever,” got cast members and showrunners of the shows reacting.

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