Pregnant Emma Roberts Visits Kelly Clarkson To Promote ‘Holidate’

Being pregnant is pretty challenging but we can only imaging how it’s like when you’re in the middle of a pandemic. Emma Roberts who is famous for starring in American Horror Story, The Millers, Aquamarine, Wild Child, The Art of Getting By and classic Nancy Drew. She’s currently pregnant with her first child with Garrett Hedlund.

Just yesterday, Emma Roberts went on The Kelly Clarkson Show to promote her upcoming Netflix Original movie entitled “Holidate”.

In the above Instagram post, Emma Roberts is wearing a dress from The Vampire’s Wife called The Frill Seeker Dress.


During her interview with the ever-so jolly and talented Kelly Clarkson they spoke about pregnancy and motherhood. In her sitdown with Kelly, Emma Roberts revealed in the interview how much she wanted to know the gender of her baby and how much anxiety it gave her.

Kelly, on the other hand, also shared the same anxiety but stuck with androgynous names for kids.

So, what is the movie about?

The Netflix Original movie “Holidate” is about a girl named Sloane who is just tired of her family’s questions about when she’ll be bringing a guy home, when she’ll stop focusing on her career and start planning a family – all that nonesense.

Fast forward to a few months, Sloane was in line at the mall, she bumps into a guy named Jackson (who is played by Luke Bracey). They get to talking and agree that they were both tired of their families pestering them about being single. According to their agreement, they were going to be each other’s no-sex, no-romance holiday buddies.

Alright, if we continue, we might just end up spoiling this awesome Netflix movie for you. Go, watch it on Netflix!

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