Good Trouble Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Plot

Good Trouble is Freeform’s spinoff of The Fosters which was a show broadcast almost a decade ago. The drama-comedy is led by Maia Mitchell (who plays Callie Adams Foster) and Cierra Ramirez (Mariana Adams Foster). Here’s everything we know about Good Trouble Season 3.

The second season of Good Trouble opened our eyes to how Callie and Mariana were not in the best place. Callie’s decision to move in with her boyfriend, Jamie, only amplified the situation and broke our hearts.

There are other storylines that the plot follows. One is Alice’s who is played by Sherry Cola, she tries to balance her romantic relationship with her budding stand-up comedy career. Another is Emma Hunton’s character, Davia, who just recently discovered that the education system may be broken and dysfunctional. And the last storyline that has been an apparent focus is Dennis’ who is played by Josh Pence – his story mostly deals with mental illnesses like depression.

Plot of Good Trouble Season 3

Good Trouble does not seem to be having any difficulty keeping viewers entertained with their story.

For the past two seasons, we have not heard of any bad review which gives us the reassurance we need for the third season’s plot. We also found out that the creators said that they have plans on covering the pandemic with an episode or two.

Honestly, having the pandemic as one of the episode topics is risky. With all the lives affected by the COVID-19 virus, maybe a tribute by the cast of Good Trouble is just what we need!

The Cast of Good Trouble Season 3

As seen on the show’s Instagram account, the amazing cast was just nominated for an Imagen Award as Best Primetime Program – Drama.

  • Maia Mitchell as Callie Foster
  • Cierra Ramirez as Mariana Foster
  • Zuri Adele as Malika Williams
  • Sherry Cola as Alice Kwan
  • Tommy Martinez as Gael Martinez
  • Emma Hunton as Davia
  • Beau Mirchoff as Jamie Hunter
  • Josh Pence as Dennis

So, When Will Good Trouble Season 3 Be Released?

With the pandemic still ongoing for most of the world, we are aware that a lot of shows who were already filming has been put to a temporary stop and Good Trouble is one of them.

Initially, Good Trouble was supposed to return for its third season Summer 2020 but for the safety of everyone involved in the filming, Freeform has decided to push it back. So far, we have no particular date of the return yet.

Here’s a clip of Callie and Marina telling us that even if filming has been put on an indefinite pause, Good Trouble will still be returning to our screens:

YouTube / Freeform

Not to worry because even though Good Trouble Season 3 isn’t here yet, Freeform along with the cast can feel the spirit! Here is the trailer:

Where Can I Watch the New Episodes of Good Trouble When They Air?

The pandemic should not stop you from enjoying Good Trouble because streaming them through platforms is now possible! The previous seasons are on Hulu,, YouTube TV and Amazon Prime.

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