What’s the real deal between Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge?

Millie Bobby Brown and Louis Partridge starred in Enola Holmes together. It was all sorts of amazing but the chemistry is undeniable with these two. According to an interview, the reason why their bond in the movie seemed so natural was that they “clicked” instantly, from the first screen test.


Due to the success of the movie, Enola Holmes, fans are eager to see more of #TeNola. Whether or not we get to see more of Enola and Lord Tewkesbury’s on-screen antics, it makes our hearts happy to see how they interact with each other in off-screen – in social media or interviews.


Louis Patridge was asked to describe his relationship with Millie Bobby Brown in an interview and he said the purest thing we’ve heard this year. “She has a great way of making you feel completely at home, and like you’ve known each other for ages. I was very, very grateful for that when acting alongside her, and there was this chemistry that had been developed off-screen that we could bring on-screen. I loved it.”


In a separate interview, Millie Bobby Brown was asked about how she and Louis Partridge was able to project the closeness they needed. She says, “Louis and I worked very hard at bonding and creating a very close bond so that [the relationship] looked as realistic as possible. And luckily, now he’s just one of my closest friends.”

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