Dylan Minnette is excited to be a part of Scream 5

It’s officially Halloween season and we are screaming. It also seems like we’re not going to be the only ones because 13 Reasons Why star, Dylan Minnette, is joining the cast of Scream 5 along with You actress, Jenna Ortega.

JOCA_PH / Shutterstock.com

Dylan Minnette confirmed the news by tweeting about it:

The original Sidney, Neve Campbell who is now 47 years old, is joining the production of Scream 5 expressed how excited she is to be working again with previous castmates, Courtney Cox and David Arquette who also happen to be ex’s.

On top of Scream 5, Dylan Minnette has a lot going on for him. Him and Boy Willows released a song called “Fila”. He reveals in an interview that when Boy Willows (whose legal name is Landon Fleischman) asked him if he wanted to shoot a music video at 6 in the morning while wearing fur coats got Minnette excited.

If you want to give their music video a watch, here it is:

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