Dylan Minnette – Who Is He & What Else Has He Been In?

Who is Dylan Minnette?
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Since its premiere in March of 2017, Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why has grown in popularity at a rapid pace. While most of the cast has circulated in and out of the show, Dylan Minnette, who plays Clay Jensen, has been in the series since the start. 

While you may know Minnette from his role in this hit show, you may recognize him in a slew of movies and other television shows that may surprise you. Read on to discover just who Dylan Minnette is and what else he has been in.

Who is Dylan Minnette?

Dylan Minnette was born on December 29th in 1996, making him 23-years-old. This American actor was born in Evansville, Indiana, but he eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue his acting career. From the early age of 8, he was cast in his first role of Charlie in Two and a Half Men.

Nominated for 6 awards and receiving 3, it’s obvious that the star is talented at acting, to say the least. But, acting isn’t Minnette’s only talent, as he’s actually a singer and guitarist in a band called The Wallows

Recently, the band has seen more and more success after it’s been shot into the limelight by the social media platform, TikTok. Users across the platform have used their songs thousands of times, thus bringing attention to the indie-rock band. Although he’s becoming more recently known for his musical abilities, he’s been in the Hollywood spotlight for quite some time now.

What Movies Has Dylan Minnette Been In?

Dylan Minette has played a role in 11 movies, making him quite an experienced actor. You may be surprised at how many popular movies he’s appeared in. In 2011, Minette starred in his first major feature film in the romantic horror Let Me In. Here, he played the role of Kenny, alongside Chloë Grace Moretz who played Eli. 

Other well-known, more recent movies the American actor has been in include The Open House, Don’t Breathe, Goosebumps, Prisoners, Labor Day, and Alexander and The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  In his earlier days, Dylan had major roles in movies such as The Clique, Game of Life, Fred Claus, Snow Buddies, and The Year Without Santa Claus.

What Television Shows Has Dylan Minnette Been In?

Dylan Minette has been in a lengthy list of television shows. Some of his more popular roles include Clay Jensen in 13 Reasons Why, Jerry Grant Jr. in Scandal, and Donnie Gill in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

Other roles that you may recognize from the star include Chad/Corey in R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Ben Tompkins in Save Me, Stefan Tasarov in Nikita, Avi Strauss in Major Crimes, Rex Britten in Awake, Luca Gabardelli in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and a whopping 17 more! 

In a recent Instagram post, Minnette shared how much his role in 13 Reasons Why has meant to him, and how it has impacted his life in more ways than he originally expected.

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one month ago, the 4th and final season of 13 reasons why came out. it’s taken me a bit to be able to focus on it/even think about the fact that it’s out, but i wanted to finally say thank you so much to everyone who has watched and/or shared your kind words on it. it truly means so much. i’ve been acting/working since i was 8 years old, and this show came into my life at a time when i wasn’t sure how interested i was in even doing it anymore, but the story really stuck with me from the first time i read it and i gave it a chance. i’m very lucky they gave me a chance too. this show has changed my life in more ways than i can explain, and i’m so thankful for every bit of the last 4 years of it. which means i’m also so thankful for the entire cast/crew, brian yorkey, tom mccarthy, netflix, and every person who’s watched and supported this show from the beginning. i already miss everyone and the bay area a ton😪 i’ve never gotten to spend so much time with a character. i learned so much from being able to play someone who suffers from severe anxiety and depression for 4 years, and it’s been one of my greatest honors to tell his story from front to back, all the highs and extreme lows, and to end it on a note of optimism and hope. there IS always hope, and so much life to look forward to. i think that’s the simplest way of putting the overall message of 13RW into one short sentence. if you’ve spent time with this show over the past few years, i hope that it’s helped some of you, and that you’ve enjoyed your time with it like i have. that’s all i could ask for. thank you❤️

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What’s Next?

If it wasn’t obvious already, Dylan Minette has stayed booked and busy for quite some time in the world of acting. With 57 credits to his name on his IMDB page, the American star has been grinding since the young age of 8-years-old. Considering he’s only 23-years-old currently, we predict that his long list of roles in movies and television shows is only going to get longer as time goes by.

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