Book Club Questions for The Whisper Man by Alex North

Looking for book club questions for The Whisper Man? This spooky thriller will jump-start your fall and prepare you for Halloween, and we’ve got some great discussion questions ready for your next book club meeting.

The Whisper Man Summary

The novel features Tom Kennedy and his seven-year-old son, Jake. The two pack up and move to a new house shortly after Tom’s wife and Jake’s mother, Rebecca dies. In different ways, Tom and Jake start to realize that their surroundings aren’t so happy or safe. They learn about how Frank Carter, a local jailed criminal otherwise known as The Whisper Man, had kidnapped and subsequently murdered little boys in previous years. And now, another little boy has gone missing. What will become of Tom and Jake, and will the missing boy be found? The Whisper Man is sure to spook you through its twisty mystery.

If you’ve chosen this thriller for your next book club, you’ll want to have some discussion questions. We’ve prepared some for you below.

10 The Whisper Man Book Club Questions

  1. In the very beginning of the book, Tom and Jake move to a new town and a new house to essentially start over after Rebecca dies. Have you ever made such a big change during a difficult time in your life?
  2. How would you describe Tom and Jake’s relationship?
  3. What did you make of Jake’s “imaginary friend,” and do you think Tom responded well to this?
  4. What were your initial feelings when Pete visited Frank in jail?
  5. Which character could you relate to the most? The least? Why?
  6. The book addresses alcoholism in numerous chapters. Do you think North captured this in an accurate and empathetic way, and how did it impact the overall story line?
  7. Discuss Amanda’s role in the investigation.
  8. Discuss Karen and Tom’s relationship and how it developed throughout the novel.
  9. Discuss the ever-present, continuous cycle of The Whisper Man.
  10. What aspects of redemption does this book cover?

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