Made In Abyss Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See

The show has such a serious story which probably explains why the characters were drawn in such a way but we are not complaining because we love it! While there’s no news as to when the new season is going to be released, here are 10 examples of Made In Abyss Fan Art to help you get through the wait.

10. Nanachi

Nanachi is one of those characters that you can never go wrong with. While the fandom assumes that Nanachi’s a female, that is yet to be uncovered because she has lived in the Abyss for such a long time and we’re not sure they have a concept of gender constructs there. Thank you, Francis (@Mistle_Hawk)!

9. The Made In Abyss Trio

This is the epitome of cuteness! Our Made In Abyss trio has made every second worth the wait. Thank you, Porforever (@Porforever)!

8. Nanachi

If Made In Abyss has an anatomy book, this would be one of the drawings we would like to see. The creator of this fan art is Made in Abyss Repository (@Maiden_Abyss).

7. Riko and Prushka

The point of focus is enough to justify why this Made In Abyss fan art by (@coffeetears) made it this far on this list. It’s as if they were taking a self-timer shot from a camera that’s a few steps away from them.

6. Prompt

While we’re aware that this is for Inktober, we really thought that this was from an official storyboard initially. Thank you, (@enriquego_re) for delighting everyone with this amazing fan art.

5. Our Favorite Trio in the Abyss

The quality of this execution gives enough reason behind why it’s so far up this list. Their eyes are full of life and the expressions seem like they’re just having the best time!

4. Prushka Reimagined

Thank you, (@roighi_on) for this amazing realistic Prushka portrait!

3. Insert Yourself into the Abyss

When you want to interact with your favorite characters, feel free to draw yourself into the picture! This is such a clever idea by (@BlueButtBerry).

2. Maruruk-chan

Maruruk-chan looks so pure and peaceful in this Made In Abyss fan art by (@chokecho)!

1. Ozen the Immovable

Contrary to the name of the character illustrated, this fan art by Vash (@VashAmation) has moved us. It’s so beautiful and captivating.

Be in the loop of any updates about Made In Abyss Season 2 while we wait for the show’s most anticipated season yet!

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