Kakegurui Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

Let’s see our favorite gamblers through different eyes! It’s not shocking that Yumeko dominated the Kakegurui fan art list since she’s a main character but we also wanted to see the rest of the cast from Hyakkaou Private Academy.

10. Yumeko and Runa

Thanks to (@alliphony), we get to start off this list with cute digital portraits of these two!

9. Yumeko


For some reason, this reminds us of how Halloween used to be before the pandemic happened. Yumeko is looking like a gothic Alice in Wonderland in this artwork by (@killartzzz).

8. Yumeko and Mary Postcards

(@maguutama) is saying that these are older fan art of Yumeko and Mary but, in all honesty, these aged better than other ones we’ve seen of the Kakegurui fan art.

7. Yumeko and her card

If Yumeko was sitting across the poker table from you, there would be no chance that you’d figure her out. Thank you, (@sandiahara)!

6. Mary says “Baka”

Mary is one of those characters that look hard but when you get to know her, she turns out to be as hard on the outside as she is soft on the inside. Thank you, (@murttburt)!

5. Draw Yumeko in Your Style

This placed higher in the list because we love how (@DrawsCossy) was able to put her own style into it!

4. V. Oliver Karnstein #1


This fan art by (@volikarnstein) resembles how older mangas did their chapter title pages and it’s so awesome to see it done to a more modern piece.

3. Yumeko Again


From the details of the cards to Yumeko’s mysterious expression pretty much explains why this (@jellyart5) placed third on our Kakegurui fan art list!

2. Woodblock


A lot of Kakegurui fans seem to ship Kira and Saya together and we’re not even mad. Their chemistry is just insane and inclusivity is key nowadayas. This is another amazing Kakegurui fan art made by (@volikarnstein)!

1. Happy Halloween from the Vice President

Halloween is just around the corner and while we’re not sure if trick-or-treating is allowed, maybe we can just spend the night indoors and draw awesome fan art like this? The #1 place goes to this (@drawanderlust) for creating this Purge X Kakegurui fan art!

Do you have more fan art to recommend? Drop the link in the comment section and we’ll make sure to take a look at it. Even feature if it’s 100% awesome!

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