Fruits Basket Character Fan Art – 10 Examples You Have To See!

After almost twenty years, Fruits Basket gave us a second season and an announcement that the third is in production but will be the last. Bittersweet much?

One thing we have noticed while looking at the Fruits Basket fan art is that most of the artists have an intense connection to the show. It could be because they watched the first season when they were kids and the second season as adults so the contrast of their points of views from back then differ. Plus, throughout those years, they have experienced a multitude of things that have molded them into the person they are now.

Let’s start the list!

10. Sweet Baby Momiji

This Fruits Basket fan art by (@_soupy.soul) is perfect to start this list off. His purity and quirks make him the lolita* character of the show.

*Lolita – someone who is in touch with their youth

9. Kyo Reimagined

This Fruits Basket artwork by (@keksiimuru) puts a little twist to the usual uniform outfits of anime characters and the attitude in the face pretty much sums up Kyo well.

8. Tohru is Thicc

We stan characters that have realistic anatomical features and (@izabellajane8)’s Tohru artwork does just that!

7. The Song Made Me Do It

(@leecheedoodles) got nostalgic about the ending song and got inspired to create this Fruits Basket fan art.

6. Kyo-se Up

When (@mishokoraa21) and (@deeddreem) collaborated on this close up of Kyo, we were amazed at how much detail they put into it.

5. Chibi Tohru

Thank you (@squishy_kiwidoodle) for this adorable chibi drawing of Tohru!

4. Tohru and Kitty Kyo

Thanks to a #witchtober2020 prompt, we were able to see this amazing Fruits Basket fan art by (@blushpinkmaniac).

3. Tohru in 3D

Alright, this copped the third spot on the list because of the dimension and accuracy of features that were dependent on the light source. (@rozuchii_) got them all right.

2. Kyo and Tohru as a Millennial Couple

There’s nothing more millennial than this. (@michiiiart) has gotten it down pat.

1. Cinderella Moment

(@amuriita) just like the fans that got attached to the show felt a lot when Fruits Basket Season 2 came to an end.

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