Trolls 3: Release Date, Cast, Has It Been Confirmed?

For fans of the film series Trolls, the question of whether or not Trolls 3 has been confirmed is a hot topic for DreamWorks animation lovers nation-wide. Not only is the continuation of this beloved series in question, but so is the cast and the potential release date.

Since the last Trolls movie, Trolls World Tour, was a strictly digital release, many fans are left wondering whether or not a new addition will be added to the series anytime soon. We’ve gathered information regarding the release date, the cast, and the confirmation of the Trolls 3 movie so you can be in-the-know of all things Trolls.

Trolls 3 Release Date: When Will it Premiere?

While the making of Trolls 3 hasn’t been officially announced, we speculate that it will eventually get the green light based on its previous success. Dreamworks animation hasn’t confirmed a release date for this addition to the Trolls film series, but it’s likely that it will premiere in the next couple of years.

The original Trolls movie was released on October 8th in 2016. Following that, Trolls World Tour was released four years later on March 11th in 2020. Based on this gap between the releases of the first and second films in this series, it’s likely that Trolls 3 will premiere in the next couple of years if given the go-ahead for production. In the meantime, all we can do is hope Trolls 3 will be brought to fruition.

Trolls 3 Cast: Who’s Coming Back?

Throughout both of the Trolls movies released thus far, there are reoccurring cast members that have helped shape the movies into what they are today. Some of these iconic cast members include Anna Kendrick who gave voice to Poppy and even Justin Timberlake who gave voice to Branch.

As the making of Trolls 3 isn’t confirmed, neither is the returning cast members. In the end, the cast of a potential third movie in the Trolls franchise is all dependent upon the narrative of the next installment.

Has Trolls 3 Been Confirmed?

While the actual making of Trolls 3 hasn’t been confirmed, it would make sense for the continuation of the series to be based upon how well these movies have done previously. With a strictly-digital release of the second movie in the series, it’s hard to get a grasp on the film’s success.

The numbers and data from the Trolls World Tour film are still being added up, but we’d say it’s a safe bet that the making of the next installment of this film series is likely to happen.

With its colorful characters, amazing songs, and powerful lessons, the Trolls movies are a family-favorite that all ages can enjoy. The confirmation and release of Trolls 3 is highly anticipated by fans worldwide, and there is plenty of excitement and action to be expected from the third installment of the Trolls film series.

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