Is Rihanna Pregnant? Here’s What We Know

On Monday, Nov. 29, fans tuned in to watch Rihanna in Barbados, where she was named a national hero. During the historic ceremony, fans started to speculate that the star is pregnant. claiming that she had a baby bump. Naturally, the rumor started to spread across the internet like wildfire, especially when a verified Twitter account tweeted the alleged news.

Neither Rihanna nor A$AP Rocky has responded to the pregnancy rumors, so it currently hasn’t been confirmed, but that hasn’t stopped fans from freaking out.

While some fans were quick to believe the rumors, others hesitated. “Until Rihanna says she’s pregnant with her own teeth, tongue, and epiglottis, I’m not believing not one of you,” one fan wrote, as another said, “Rihanna just became a NATIONAL HERO for a whole country and y’all wanna talk about whether or not she’s pregnant for the 100th time in her career. I cannot stand you, people.”

Until the couple confirms the rumors for themselves, we won’t know for sure if they’re expecting. For now, fans will just have to wait patiently for their response.