Leonardo DiCaprio Cast as Jamestown Cult Leader Jim Jones

From starring in sci-fi and romance films to comedies and dramas, Leonardo DiCaprio has developed an impressive resume throughout his lengthy acting career.

Recently, it was announced that DiCaprio will star in the upcoming feature film biopic, “Jim Jones”, which follows the story of the Jonestown cult leader who inspired a mass suicide. Is there any role this man can’t pursue?

DiCaprio is not only set to star as Jim Jones in the film but he will also produce the biopic for his Appian Way Productions company alongside Jennifer Davisson. Fans of DiCaprio seem to approve of the film’s casting choice.

“Congrats to Leonardo DiCaprio for landing the part of Jim Jones, you deserve it,” one user tweeted, as another wrote, “Read that Leonardo DiCaprio is set to play cult leader, Jim Jones. I can think of a better fit to play the role.”

Jim Jones was the founder of the Peoples Temple, a religious cult that promoted Christian Socialism. Jones openly rejected traditional Christianity, claiming that he was God. The cult leader was responsible for orchestrating the Jamestown mass suicide that took more than 900 lives, where he convinced his followers to drink Flavor Aid laced with cyanide.

Currently, details about the plot or the other cast members for the film haven’t been revealed, but more information will likely develop during the planning process.