Call Him Ye: Kanye West Legally Changes Name & Turns Head With New Look

In the past 24 hours, Kanye West has legally changed his name to “Ye”, walked around Italy in a creepy white mask, and unveiled a truly… unique new haircut, to say the least. The singer-songwriter always seems to be up to something, but these recent changes have fans baffled.

The rapper’s name change was officially approved by a Los Angeles judge Oct. 18, officially transforming his name from Kanye West to Ye, with no middle or last name. According to a past interview with radio host Big Boy, Ye stated that he believes the name is the “most commonly used word in the Bible”.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the star use the name, as he released a studio album titled “Ye” in June 2018. Plus, the name has been on his Twitter profile for quite some time. While the name change may come as a surprise to some, his new haircut might be even more jaw-dropping.

The comments under Ye’s Instagram post seemed mostly supportive, but from others, not so much. One user wrote, “Kanye let his kids cut his hair again,” while another said, “which barber needa be sued?”.

As if Ye’s antics weren’t enough, the star was spotted undercover in a white mask that covers his entire head, leaving only slits for eyes. He paired the alien-like mask with an all-black Balenciaga outfit after performing at a wedding in Venice, Italy. The bizarre face-covering took fans by surprise, but the internet was quick to flood Twitter with memes.