Tower of God Season 2 Release Date – When Will the New Season Premiere

This decade-old manhwa from Korea has recently released an anime adaptation and fans are waiting for its creator to announce when Season 2 will come out.

Tower of God or Kami no Tou is a decade-old manhwa from Korea who has recently released an anime adaptation and fans are waiting for, SIU, its creator to announce when Season 2 will come out.

Since the pandemic got everyone shook to the core, one of the things that have been keeping anime lovers sane and holding on for dear life is the freshly released Crunchyroll Original Tower of God anime adaptation. Especially for those who have been following the franchise for ten years, this hits close to home.

The Plot of Tower of God Season 2

The series is about a lonely boy named 25th Bam and his life’s mysterious twists. Things change when he meets Rachel – she accompanies him through any and everything. One could say that they were each other’s ride-or-die. However, Rachel wanted to climb the Tower of God because legends say that reaching the top could give you anything – gold, unlimited weapons, it can even turn you into a god.

The Tower of God Fandom is confident that Season 2 will be released soon especially because there is still a lot of material to use! Of course, everyone is patiently waiting for SIU’s to recuperate properly.

The Cast of Tower of God Season 2

 While there is no official release date for Season 2, the cast is to remain the same until further notice.

  •  Johnny Yong Bosch
  •  Chris Hackney Cherami
  •  Trent Mills
  •  Leigh Valerie
  •  Rose Lohman
  •  Matthew David Rudd Scott Whyte
  •  Kazuyuki Okitsu
  •  Takuya Eguchi
  •  Toshinari Fukamachi
  •  Nicolas Roye
  •  Cristina Valenzuela
  •  Kira Buckland
  •  Hochu Otsuka
  •  Kyle McCarley
  •  Christopher Swindle

So, When Will the Tower of God Season 2 be released?

SIU, the manhwa’s creator, announced that he will be taking a hiatus because of health reasons. At the time, there was no specific date as to when he would get the series up and running again. Rumors are circulating the Internet that the new Tower of God season will be released around April 2021 but it would be safer for us to wait for the official announcement by SIU or Crunchyroll.

Where Can I Watch the Tower of God Season 2?

While it is a Crunchyroll Original, other streaming websites have Tower of God ready for watching like VRV, Anime-Planet, WEBTOON, and

Start your climb to the Tower of God by watching this Crunchyroll Original, the first episode is even available for free on the Crunchyroll YouTube channel. It’s well worth the hype, just like their fan art!

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