No Thanks: Jamie Lynn Spears Rejected by Mental Health Charity

It’s not often that you see a charity decline a donation, but an exception was made for Jamie Lynn Spears. Spears was originally planning to donate the proceeds of her upcoming memoir to a mental health organization, This is My Brave, but was blindsided by rejection shortly after.

When Spears announced the release of her forthcoming novel, “Things I Should Have Said”, she also stated her intentions to donate to the charity. The announcement was quickly followed by a slew of hate comments aimed at both Spears and the mental health organization.

The backlash the actress received didn’t come as a surprise to many, as Spears has been recently accused of not supporting her sister Britney amid her conservatorship battle against their father, James P. Spears.

While Jamie Lynn Spears might have been prepared for hate comments to come her way, the charity’s decision to decline her donation caught the star off guard. According to a source from “Entertainment Tonight”, Spears isn’t handling the situation well.

“Jamie Lynn is extremely upset over the current situation that after violent threats and rhetoric, a charitable organization has been put in a position of no longer feeling as though they can safely accept a donation from her,” stated the source. “Jamie Lynn has been forced to stay silent for years and now she’s being attacked for finally speaking her truth. People fail to realize that Jamie Lynn has suffered some of the same trauma that Britney has,” they added.