Monsterland Episode 8 – Newark, New Jersey: Breakdown & Explanation

Monsterland Episode 8 Explained

Monsterland Episode 7 (Iron River, MI) Recap Set in Newark, New Jersey, episode 8 follows married couple Brian (Mike Colter) and Amy (Adepero Oduye) Cooke. Tabitha, their daughter, had been kidnapped and their relationship as a couple suffer as a result of grieving her loss. At the beginning, Brian was shopping for a doll to … Read more

Monsterland Episode 7 – Iron River, MI: Breakdown & Explanation

Monsterland Episode 7 (Iron River, MI) Recap Episode 7 introduces us to two young girls namely Lauren (Kelly Marie Tran) and Elena. Lauren is a lonely daughter who’s being neglected and abused by her mother, while Elena is well-off, loved, and popular. They hang out in Lauren’s bedroom while Elena waits for her boyfriend Pete … Read more

Monsterland Episode 6 – Palacios, TX: Breakdown & Review

Monsterland Episode 6 (Palacios, TX) Recap Episode 6 focuses on the repercussions of oil spill to the Gulf Stream and small fishing village of Palacios, Texas. The 400,000-gallons of oil from episode 4 severely damaged the local economy and put almost all fishermen out of work. Hence, many of them spent their time wading out … Read more

Monsterland Episode 5 – Plainfield, IL: Breakdown & Review

Monsterland Episode 5 (Plainfield, IL) Recap Episode 5 stars Taylor Schilling and Roberta Colindrez as wives, Kate and Shawn. We first meet them while they happily celebrate their anniversary at a local bar. They’ve been together for 16 years already and appear to get along very well that even the bartender finds amazing. It is … Read more

Monsterland Episode 4 – New York, New York: Breakdown & Review

Monsterland Episode 4 Explained

Monsterland Episode 4 (New York, New York) Recap Episode 4 brings us to Manhattan, where we see Josh (Michael Hsu Rosen), a young executive chasing a young woman down. Cornering her in a taxi cab, he tries to get her to sign an NDA form, but she refuses. He tells him that she’s actually right, … Read more

Monsterland Episode 3 – New Orleans, Louisiana: Breakdown & Review

Monsterland New Orleans, La

Monsterland Episode 3 (New Orleans, Louisiana) Recap Episode 3 takes us to a festival in French Quarter where Annie (Nicole Beharie) and her family are currently enjoying. Her son George wants an ice cream so her partner Joe volunteers to get it with him. Annie anxiously agrees and then bumps into an old friend while … Read more

Monsterland Episode 2 – Eugene, Oregon – Breakdown & Review

Charlie Tahan in Monsterland Episode 2 Eugene, OR

Monsterland Episode 2 (Eugene, Oregon) Recap In episode 2, we meet our protagonist Nick Smith (Charlie Tahan) at a pharmacy where he purchases his mom’s medicine. He later learns that her insurance suddenly doesn’t cover it anymore. Using all the spare cash he has on hand, he is only able to buy a few pills. … Read more

Monsterland Episode 1 – Port Fourchon, LA – Breakdown & Review

Monsterland episode 1

Hulu’s anthology thriller drama has just kicked off this October 2, and we couldn’t be more surprised with the outcome. Monsterland, an eight-part series of horror tales set in different locations and characters delightfully scared viewers and fans alike. What were the highlights and what else do we know about the first episode? We rundown … Read more