“The Bachelorette” is Down Bad, Down Under

Did you watch last night’s “The Bachelorette Australia ” premiere? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. In fact, the premiere had a shockingly small audience, which is a rare occasion for the franchise. The show had drawn the lowest audience on record with 88,000 fewer views than last year’s premiere.

This season of “The Bachelorette Australia” features Brooke Blurton, a fan favorite that was in the last season of “The Bachelor”. Blurton has made history on the show, as she’s the first Indigenous and bisexual Bachelorette. With all of this in mind, the show’s overall views may come as a surprise to some.

“The Bachelorette” premiered with an audience of 628,000 viewers, while last year’s season debut had an audience of 716,000. Despite the low view count, “The Bachelorette” has been renewed for 2022, which isn’t a surprise considering how popular the franchise has been over the years.